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Chapter 168

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

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Where Tara and Kyle officially start their working relationship.


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Episode 168. About 10 months (45). I pulled myself together. "Now that I think about it, it's the first time there has ever been an official Aide.” "Yes, Sir, I'll do my best." "Haha. That's the spirit of a newcomer on her first day. We all have high expectations as you are our first Aide in the Second Imperial Palace. Well, I think you'll do a good job based on your work from the past two days, but I look forward to your kind cooperation from now on, Second Aide." I looked up again at Walter, the Knight Commander. As I felt before, the Second Prince’s subordinates had exceptional faith and affection for him. It seemed that the Second Prince was born with good fortune. Well, just look at him having an Aide like me... I forced myself to summon my self-confidence and stood in front of the office. I knocked very quietly on the door and entered the office. It was as crowded here as it was outside. More than ten people were gathered inside. People sitting or standing around a large rectangular table were talking freely while looking at documents. Meanwhile, the Second Prince was also there, sitting with one hip on the table and talking seriously with a subordinate right in front of him. He was the picture of a perfect workaholic, sitting with his jacket off and his shirt sleeves rolled up, giving instructions to a knight who was writing something down. Before I made it to work, I was worried, ‘How can I look the Second Prince in the eye when it was so awkward yesterday?’ But after seeing him concentrate on his work, strangely, I felt none of the uneasiness that I was worried about. I couldn't find the right time to say hello, so I grabbed the doorknob of the Aide's office right next to them so that I wouldn't get in the way and pulled it carefully. And then. "Second Aide,” the Second Prince’s cool voice called. "Yes?" "It's your first day of official business. Are you going to skip saying hello?" "Ah! Sorry." When I turned around, all eyes in Kyle’s office were focused on me. Everyone was curious about me. Kyle nodded slightly and winked at me. I swallowed and stood stiffly in front of the table. Then I bowed my head in greeting. "Good morning. I am Tara Elias, I served as the Second Administrative Officer of the Military in Durben and have been assigned as Second Aide to the Second Prince's palace as of two days ago. Please take good care of me." A few people burst into laughter at my loud voice, and some raised their heads and smiled. "Oh, I heard there was a new Aide here, but you are full of energy." "Oh, yes! The young lady of the Elias family, I personally witnessed the ‘Taltine Apology’. Hahaha." I had become the centre of attention. "I wondered where I saw her before, she was the aide who assisted Captain Nick."*

"We are the heads of the Ministry of Security's investigation team. We look forward to working with you." "Welcome. Take good care of His Highness, Second Aide." I responded back to their warm hospitality. They all seemed like good people. "Yes, I look forward to your kind cooperation." "If you're done saying hello, let us first report on today's schedule, and if there is a place we can move to together, we will go over it," Kyle ordered with his eyes fixed on the papers. That expressionless look on his face was so familiar. What was it? It felt like he was quite angry... "Yes, Your Highness," "What's the security level for the 10 o'clock meeting, Team 2?" A large middle-aged man, who appeared to be the Ministry of Security’s second team leader, immediately answered. "This is a third-class investigation into the robbery and injury that took place in a back alley of the Capital's North Square, Your Highness." After hearing the answer from the second team leader, Kyle raised his head from the document, glanced at me from the side and ordered. "Okay, we will have the Second Aide record the meeting." "Yes, Your Highness," I couldn’t read anything in his expression. His eyes, completely walled off from emotion, were the same as they always were. His very businesslike expression was neutral, but his gaze also felt a little cooler than normal. Was he upset because I rejected him yesterday? No, he didn't seem upset, but angry? I had no clue. Regardless, I was glad. I was worried that he would keep pushing me... I swallowed a sigh of relief. "Aren't you going to start working, Second Aide?" "Oh, yes, yes!" Startled, I stood in a daze for a moment, and then ran quickly to the Aide's office. *** The first day was especially hectic. The Second Prince was a very busy man, as strict, precise, thorough, and difficult as I thought he'd be. I, too, was also kept busy adapting to his work style. But most of the working hours… By the end of the day, I had already gotten used to it. Maybe handling all the administrative affairs alone in Durban had paid off.

In addition, I also had experience working as a script writer in Korea. It was an advantage from my life in Korea. One benefit of my transmigration.** *** The song started in the Southwestern coastal region and spread to the Southern agricultural region. If you didn't listen to it in detail, it was a very cheerful melody. So even though it made you want to dance to the tune, those who understood the lyrics couldn't help but frown.

When children sang the song, they did not sing the lyrics. Yet, because it was such a cheerful melody, plenty of children hummed the song on the streets, saying it was in fashion these days.

[The mercenaries did their morals forsake,

since they do anything for money’s sake.

Oh ho, did the mercenaries go,

To the place where the bastard child did wait.

Two big mistakes those mercenaries did make.

Oh, no, what was their first mistake?

The life of the dirty mother they did take.

Oh no what was their second mistake?

The surviving child will become a tyrannical snake,

And the peace of the Empire he will break.

The immoral mercenaries made two big mistakes.

Oh what fools the mercenaries did make,

since they do anything for money’s sake.]***


Just before everyone left work and he went up to his room, Walter came in with a handful of late mail.

It was a familiar situation, so Kyle opened the stack without showing any signs of tiredness. The first letter he picked up was from Nick.

[… Cox of Chase Territory was a knight under Toulouse until five years ago. He also had a history of commanding a mercenary group. However, it was not possible to confirm exactly whether he was a mercenary involved in the incident as he claimed. I will keep an eye out for possible spies and keep watch in Chase Territory. Most of the people I have met were also from Toulouse. We're still investigating for signs of contact with a new person, Your Highness.

P.S. The longer I'm away from His Highness, the deeper my loyalty...]

Kyle crumpled up the entire letter without reading any more. Then he hastily grabbed his pen and wrote down a message for Nick.

[Report that the transfer to the Capital will take place in a week. Pretend to take out all the watchers for a week and observe them yourself day and night.

P.S. - If you say that again in an official document, you'll be demoted immediately.]

"You're openly pushing them towards the Empress. Are you attempting to cut down the enemy with your other enemy’s hands?”

Kyle gave Walter his reply to Nick.

"Send it immediately.”

"Yes, Your Highness."

Kyle opened the next letter. It was a letter from his cousin in Reese.

[You’re going to be an uncle soon. I'm about six months along. Congratulations, Kyle! There will be a 'Blessing of the Earth' festival in Reese to pray for a good harvest. Can you come if you have time? I know that because of your position, you never come to see us because you fear it will cause problems, but the Castle's situation is not so precarious that you should have to worry about it. So, Kyle, can’t I spend this festival with my cousin? I miss my family when I think about becoming a mother.

P.S. - I heard the news about the Crown Princess Selection. Kyle, you're not forcing yourself to do this, are you? If not, there's someone I want to introduce you to. Please come, Kyle!]

He smiled for the first time in a while.

Kyle folded the letter and thought for a moment before slowly picking up his pen.

But even then, he couldn't bring himself to respond so easily. After much contemplation, Kyle wrote down his reply, having made up his mind.

[I'll go. Instead, I will visit you quietly. Take care of yourself. - Kyle.]

He spoke to Walter and asked.

"Walter, has it been a month since the construction of the castle in the Central Province began?"

"Yes, we are working on dismantling of the remaining fortress and constructing the foundation at the same time. An inspection is planned for the middle of next month, Your Highness."

"Then we’ll move onto that matter next week. I'd like you to add the details of the construction costs to all the papers sent by Baron Berg."

Baron Charles Berg oversaw the central region's castle construction project.

“Yes, Your Highness, are any other additional documents needed?”

"If necessary, I will go on a business trip and ask for it. The baron's paperwork was neat."

"Yes, Your Highness,"

"Tell the Second Aide that the business trip schedule should be reported to the Military administration. We depart on Monday and return to the palace on Thursday. Two days in the Central Province's Castle and one day at Reese Castle's Festival."

"How many people should I bring with us, your Highness?"

"About a third of the amount as when I went to Gallon d’Or.”

"Yes, Your Highness, I will stand by you… Ah! Since we have a new Aide, it seems appropriate for the Second Aide to accompany us."

"... No need."

Kyle was silent for a moment, and then soon put his thoughts together and said, "I'm still not used to it. In addition, this trip includes my personal schedule, so I'll exclude her from accompanying us on this business trip."

"Yes, Your Highness,"

There was his personal schedule, but besides that, Kyle thought he needed to distance himself from Tara.

Whenever he thought of himself staring into the hall mirror that day, he couldn't feel more foolish.

So he'd ordered both standing mirrors in the hall to be removed.

Kyle was confused. It was the first time he'd been faced with a situation where he'd lost control of himself due to his feelings towards her.

It was unprecedented. So, he was determined to regain his composure.

The recurring dream hindering his ability to conduct his official duties also played a part in his decision.

He judged that spending three days and nights together without knowing what he wanted to do about her would only disrupt his reasoning more.

The next document he opened was an order sent by the Emperor.

[You must keep your promise to the Empress. As my son, you must know that you are responsible for living up to my orders. Therefore, for the well-being of the Empire, and to uphold the traditions of his predecessors who have ruled the Imperial Palace for generations, the Second Prince should hurry up and set a date for the Crown Princess Selection. - Louis Amure, Emperor of the Ocerian Empire.]

The order was folded and pushed to one side of the desk.

"Before… ha?"

Walter looked anxiously at the order, where it sat pushed off the the side.


Editor's notes:

* The MTL referred to Nick as being ranked as a General here, but I could not verify this in the manhwa. This might be edited in the future.

** The MTL was very vague so a lot of extrapolation went into these two lines. Take this interpretation with a hefty grain of salt.

*** I came back later and gave a shot at rhyming this while keeping the meaning, enjoy!

Kyle often refers his cousin Diane as his sister' since they are cousins with such a close relationship and vice-versa. This is probably why Diane says Kyle is going to be an 'uncle' in her letter soon even though they aren't siblings.

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Apr 21, 2023

I just realized their romance arc is very pride and prejudice 💕


Feb 26, 2023

i just love this manhwa


Sep 08, 2022

I've gone back and updated the song lyrics as best I could. They're a bit clunky but at least the meaning was mostly kept. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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