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Release Schedule - Announcement

Updated: Jul 18

For those of you not in the know we will be changing up the direction of our edits soon!

We are working to get our group listed on Novel Updates and want to share our edits with more people!

Currently we are working full steam towards chapter 224 of the novel. However, once we reach that chapter goal we are going to be backtracking a bit to fill in all the chapters we've skipped.


Phase 1

Focus on chapters 195 to 224; Gradually release chapters 0-5+

Phase 2

Focus on chapters 113 to 129; At least 1 chapter past 224 per week

Phase 3

Focus on filling in chapters 6 to 113; At least 1 chapter beyond 224 per week

If you want us to release certain chapters more frequently, let us know!

Contact us anonymously through our contact page or at our email address Or better yet tell us by donating (that's very persuasive)!

Donating to our ko-fi helps keep our site running and ad-free so any donation of any amount is more than welcome!

Have more questions? Check out this post or our FAQ page.

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