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Final Release Schedule

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

We have reached the final phase of our release schedule!

It was tough going over the holidays and our personal lives have been plenty busy, but hopefully we are on track now that we've filled in a few gaps.

This will be our target schedule going forwards.

Thank you for being patient with our many delays.


Phase 1 (Complete)

Focus on chapters 195 to 224; Gradually release early chapters 0-15+

Phase 2 (Complete)

Focus on chapters 113 to 129; Aim for at least 1 chapter past 224 and one early per week

Phase 3 (In Progress)

Focus on filling in chapters 21 to 112; (Hopefully) At least 1 chapter beyond chapter 230 per week

Disclaimer: We all do this in our free time so this schedule is just an ideal outline rather than a hard guarantee.

Comment below, contact us anonymously through our contact page, or better yet, tell us by donating (that's very persuasive)!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated and is patiently awaiting your dedicated chapters. You are all amazing.

Donating to our ko-fi helps keep our site running and ad-free so any donation of any amount is more than welcome!

Have more questions? Check out this post or our FAQ page.

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