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Munirang 《무늬랑》

I'll Save This Damn Family 망할 가문을 살려보겠습니다 is a serial webnovel published by the author Munirang무늬랑 on the Korean website/app KakaoPage.


We ask that you please support the author's work by reading on Kakao and buying any future official translations of the work.

You can also purchase the series in full, a total of 14 volumes, on Ridibooks. (It costs approximately $30.00 USD for all 14 volumes). Find more detail on Ridibooks purchasing here.

Or buy the author's other works to pay them more directly!

Previous Works (Untranslated)

Sofias's Medieval Escape (R15/R19)소피아, 중세탈출기》 

Kakao Ridibooks | Google Books | Naver (Episodes)

The Missing Beast (R19) 《사라진 짐승》 

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Naver (Volumes)+(Extras)


The manhwa adaptation of I'll Save This Damn Family 망할 가문을 살려보겠습니다 has been adapted by the artist NU엔유. The manhwa has been officially translated into multiple languages (listed below). Please try to support any (or multiple) of these official translations.


Official English - Manta Comics

Original Korean - Kakao

Chinese - Bilibili Comics

Indonesian - KakaoPage Indonesia

Vietnamese - POPS

Japanese - Piccoma

Support the authors... or else!
(just kidding) 
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