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ISTDF Volume Release on Ridibooks!

Hey everyone, I hope you're all well!

The ThamasEdits team has been a bit AWOL lately. We're still working on new chapters, but university finals and vacations have been dragging all of us down. But we wanted to make sure we chimed in with some good news about the ISTDF novel while it was still fresh!

ISTDF was recently released as a full volume set and can now be purchased as a Korean ebook. No more waiting for individual chapters on Kakaopage!

ISTDF has been split into 14 volumes and the whole novel is now available for purchase on Ridibooks - here. The full set of volumes is currently selling for 10% off until Sunday April 14th (Korean Time), and costs 37,800 won (sale price) and 41,000 won (regular price).

Converted to USD (estimate):

37,800 KRW = 27.96 USD (sale price)

41,000 KRW = 30.33 USD (regular price)

And that is for ALL 14 volumes (keep in mind that this series is 390 chapters long on Kakaopage!). That's a pretty great deal!

Now the downside... Ridibooks has very strong DRM on their ebooks that makes it pretty much impossible to use translation software like Google Translate if you want to skip ahead of our translation.

However, most importantly, the volume release makes it much easier for fans to support the author, Munirang 무늬랑 as much as is legally possible. If you buy the series on Ridibooks your money goes directly into the author's pocket. These details have also been added to the Support the Authors page.

Know that buying the series is not a requirement of enjoying our translations. We totally get it, things are really expensive right now and it's great enjoying something for free. But if you're a big fan of this series or our translations, and your budget allows it, we ask that you consider buying the series in some form whether that's by reading on Kakaopage, buying 1 volume, or buying all 14. If you need a guide for how to purchase books in Ridibooks, here are some resources:(Ridibooks does allow overseas credit card purchases)

  • Reddit user u/animaniacal2432 on the Under the Oak Tree subreddit created a helpful Google Doc outlining how to sign up for a Ridibooks account (the step for purchasing R19 novels is unnecessary in this case)

  • Meanwhile Retro Learns Korean has a good guide on how to use your account, read for free, accumulate points and get the best bang for your buck.

  • Cammilla's Korean also has a useful guide for using the e-library or using it to learn Korean.

If you're not a fan of Ridibooks there's a decent chance the novel will also be released on a more accessible platform like Google Play Books in the future. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for that and let you all know if that ever happens! P.S. Rest assured both chapter 269 and chapter 75 are in-progress.


The Thama's Edit's Team

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I love this story and what you guys are doing.

I have a lot of free time on my hands and I have also edited a lot of book, though none fan dubs and I would love to help you guys edit the MTLs.

This is a genuine offer with no time limit.


Apr 10

I keep wondering if Manta will pick it up since the manwha is popular in the site and they are moving into offering book versions of the manwha in a pay by piece model. Guess we’ll find out.

Apr 10
Replying to

I've had the same thought! I hope this series has a shot at getting an official translation.

Clearly we need to pick up the pace if we want to keep up!

Well... As soon as I have the time to do that...


Apr 10

If you want to know how to get the other works by the same author we have details for those on our support the authors page as well. Okay... Time to go back to finishing my graduate school homework...

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