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A new Ko-fi (Tea) Page!

Hello fans and friends, Thamalasca here!

This is just a quick note to let you know that following some issues, we had to delete our previous Ko-Fi page and create a new one.

I'm sorry for all those of you that had linked to the previous ko-fi page but please do not worry, all donors will still get their dedications! (We've copied the list of donors and related chapters before we shut down the old page.)

So, if you wish to start or continue to support our website and our work, you still can.

Please be aware that we need to update all our pages where the ko-fi link exists so at the moment, if you wish to donate, please use the link on our main pages, not the chapter ones. I'll let you know when all have been updated.

Don't hesitate to tip us a ko-fi (or tea for me, since I'm allergic to coffee.....)

As a reminder, all donations are to keep the site up and running free of adds (and probably upgrade soon!) we do not profit from this.

Take care and you all have a Fantastic Day!

Thamalasca and team.

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