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Fanfic: written by me (Thamalasca). It isn't canon, though it does refer to canon elements in the novel. (You need to read up to chapter 185)

Also I'm not a writer, don't expect Shakespeare....

Rated: R15+. There is nothing explicit, but it is of a sensual nature

Premice: It takes place after Tara and Kyle's marriage.

The curtains fluttered in the morning breeze that came through the french windows. The summer heat had cooled through the night refreshing the bedroom to a pleasant temperature.

Sitting in bed, his back nestled in the pillows, Kyle was admiring the view provided by his wife’s body as she lay on her stomach, her arms clutching the pillow.

Her crimson hair, a stark contrast against the white sheets shined with copper highlights as the first rays of sunlight came through.

His wife…. He never got tired of these words. Finally, after all this time, she was his. Never in his life had he fought so hard to get something. But the prize, now sleeping beside him, was worth all the efforts he’s put in.

She had fought him every step of the way. He still felt the sting of her rebuttal, how he felt at a loss on how to solve the problem she presented and the unfamiliar feelings that plagued him at the time. Then their first kiss….

‘It’s been a while….’

Those words she had whispered had cut him deeper than he had thought they would. And then, the kiss itself, that almost drove him to lose total control as she took the initiative…

Thinking of that, he frowned a little. Each time he thought he got to know her; she would throw him out for a loop. Which was exciting, as he knew he would never get bored with her, but on the other hand, he couldn’t quite shake the nagging feeling that there would always be a part of her just out of his reach.

A slight rustling of the sheets brought him back to the room. He looked at Tara again.

Like many times before, Kyle found himself drawn to remove that curl of hair that always got stuck close to her ear. He gently brushed it away, careful as not to wake her, and let the strands of hair twirl around his fingers, enjoying the silken feeling and the light rosemary scent that tickled his nostrils.

She had removed the sheet during the night, probably because of the heat, leaving her back bare until the small rise of her bottom just allowing the 2 small divets to show.

Kyle admired the creamy skin that shimmered under the first light. She had very fair skin with a rosy hue. She only sported a sprinkle of freckles between her shoulder blades just under the nape of her neck with he found oddly erotic, waking his primal instincts, wanting to bite.

He started trailing a finger along those freckles, his touch feather light, the contrast between his tanned roughened hand and her soft white skin appealing to his masculinity. Leaning a bit forward, he added more fingers, writing arabesques upon her skin, attentive to her every reaction while his hand slowly went down her back. As he reached her waist, she shivered and instinctively raised her hips while dipping her waist in an unconscious invitation.

He stopped moving, holding his breath as he marveled once again at the sensuality she exuded in those moments. A slow smile raised the corner of his lips as he felt drunk on the power his touch had over her.

A flash of green caught the corner of his eye.

Still buried in her pillow, her languid and amused gaze roamed over him, unashamed.

She smiled.

“Good morning” Kyle whispered as he rested his hand in the small of her back, slowly caressing the cool skin.

“Good morning” she replied, her voice muffled by the pillow as she continued to observe him through her eyelashes, visibly enjoying his attentions.

Kyle continued his sensuous exploration, his hand tantalisingly close to the sheet that covered her bottom cheeks.

Tara’s body undulated slowly under his caresses, eyes closed, her breath catching now and then when Kyle touched a sensitive spot.

“You really are like a cat wanting to be petted” he mused.

Tara’s body froze. Her eyes snapped open, and she raised herself on her elbows, looking at him with a speculative expression.

Then, a mischievous smile on her lips, she laid back down in a languid pose, eyes half mast.

Kyle felt a rush of adrenaline course through him when she said in a husky voice:

“Make me purr……”

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