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Chapter 210

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

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Kyle is not amused by his 'blind date' with Angela and makes sure to let everyone know.

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Episode 210. About 10 months (87)

"They're a family with a long history that unites the local noble families."

Philip smiled broadly at Kyle's answer and explained further, "That's right. Her family is respected by many. As the eldest daughter of such a family, she's a role model for other young ladies. Hahaha."

"I'm flattered, Philip."

Angela smiled rather demurely. The gentle and delicate act made her look very pretty.

"Kyle, the local nobles respect the Bensons so much they'll follow their leadership and persuasiveness. That's a lot of power...!"


Diane stopped speaking at his sudden, quiet but clear voice.

It was a very businesslike tone. Philip gulped, Diane muttered, "Whoa..." and raised her glass of water, while Angela stared at Kyle with slightly widened eyes.

I was also staring at Kyle like that.

It was unclear whether he was angry or annoyed, but one thing was certain, his relaxed posture from before had vanished.

It felt like our break was over and it was time to go back to work.

"Ah... I mean. Our Angela will participate in the Selection. So I wanted you to meet her before that... Uh. You might be angry because I didn't tell you beforehand... I was afraid you wouldn't come if I told you in advance..."


Kyle's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"Are you saying you're trying to give me a strong backer?"

Kyle stared at Diane with a sharp, cold gaze. Not once did Diane avoid that piercing look.

As expected, since they shared the same blood.

"I'd be lying if I denied it. But Kyle, I’m doing this for Angela!"

Diane's voice was firm.

When I glanced at her before turning back to Kyle, Angela remained calm and attentive.

Kyle stared at Angela's face.

"What made you do this?" He asked Diane, without looking away.

"Because I thought no noblewomen in the Empire would suit you better than Angela. As you can see, our Angela is a very lovely lady. Additionally, she's wise, benevolent, and more profound than anyone else. And...!"

"Hold it. Lady Benson, are you the most suitable person in the Empire for me?"

Whoo... It was getting stuffy in here.

My desire to leave and get some rest collided with my desire to hear more.

No. I also wanted to hit the 2nd Prince on the back of the head.

I held myself back and looked at him. His eyes were fixed on Lady Angela.

My gaze naturally followed his to Angela.


And then I saw the emotions that filled those round, dark eyes. At first glance, they looked as quiet as gentle waves, but something tremendous seemed to fluctuate deep in her eyes.

Perhaps it was love.

She looked into Kyle's indifferent eyes without shrinking into herself at all.

"If you give me a place by your side, I'll do my best to take care of you. I won't be useless. If I can assist you with your work, I'll use all of the Benson Family's strength. I can do it. I'll keep the inner Palace stable and strengthen it so it won't be damaged by external forces. Also, the woman Your Highness wishes for..."

She was announcing her intentions, making a case for her love.

"... Very amusing. But this was pointless, Diane."

Kyle said, standing up. Angela promptly did the same.

I slowly got up from my seat as well.

"Your Highness, my selfish desires are the cause of today's meeting. So, Your Highness, if you want to blame someone, please blame me, not Diane. I knew my foolish affections might be disrespectful to you, but I couldn't help myself."

I was amazed by Angela's undisturbed and direct gaze on Kyle.

This sincere woman expressed her true feelings so candidly.

If it was me, would I be able to approach him so honestly?

"Well, it depends on your capabilities whether I'll see you in the 3rd round of the Selection."

"I'll do my best to make sure that happens, Your Highness."

"Do what you want. I don't expect much anyway. Everyone will certainly try their best."

Wow. He was being such a jerk and was so uncooperative. How horrible...!

"I will, Your Highness. By any chance, can I ask you to es...cort... me to the banquet, Your Highness?

I was getting a headache. It felt like there was a constant beeping noise going off in my ears! And it was growing louder and louder.

"Wow, Angela, how lovely. Yes, Kyle, after all, you said you were pretending to be a tax collection officer, so nobody would know, right? Why aren't you looking at me, huh?"

"Let's go, 2nd Aide. Where are our rooms?"

Ignoring Diane's remarks, Kyle suddenly strode to the door. I quickly followed him.

Then, Diane raised her voice and quickly asked.

"I want you to escort Angela, as my cousin, Kyle."

"I'm not going to the banquet. I'll have a light meal."

Kyle opened the door, completely disregarding her request, and Diane rushed to me.

"Aide! Please say something as well. All the Lady asked for was to be escorted, but the Prince... As a knight, he must demonstrate chivalry. Isn't that right, Aide? You know it's against the code of chivalry to refuse, right, Kyle?"

Diane looked at me eagerly as if she needed a strong ally, urging me to act with her pleading stare. She held my hands again.

“Such desperation…”

Diane cut Kyle's words off and asked me again.

"Right, 2nd Aide?"

Diane's eyes were fixed on my mouth. I had no choice but to nod at that desperate gaze.

"Y... e... s."

Diane smiled broadly, and Count Philip nodded, saying, "That's right." Angela smiled shyly and lowered her eyes. Kyle closed the door again and he slowly turned around, standing in front of the door.


"You heard me, Kyle. Your Aide thinks so too. Everyone but you thinks the same!"

After I glanced at Diane, who was vehemently nodding, I looked at Kyle, leaning against the door with folded arms.

He slightly tilted his head and winked at me.

'Have you properly thought about it now, Tara?'

'What should I do? She has such earnest and pleading eyes...'

I frowned and shrugged as if I didn't have a choice, and Kyle grinned, as if amazed by me.

'Really? Is that so?'

'Eh? What's with that expression?' I wondered with wide eyes, but he only slightly frowned and stopped looking at me.

In return I sent him a sharper gaze than ever.

"Do I really..."

I spoke clearly and plainly.

"... think you should escort Lady Benson?" I asked very slowly.

"2nd... Aide?"

Crap. What was up with this warlike atmosphere!

I gulped, and with everyone's eyes on me, I had to nod, as if an invisible hand was holding my head, regardless of my will.

"Yes, Your Highness. Your servant, um... Your humble servant thinks so."

"Aaah. As expected, you're so wise! Oh, my. I’m so happy to have the Aide here!"

Diane's high-pitched voice pierced my ears and made my mind go blank.

I met Kyle's eyes with Diane's voice fading into background noise. He was still leaning against the door with crossed arms, looking at me.

When I shrugged again, he lifted one eyebrow and nodded very slowly.

I frowned deeply. I could easily guess what he was feeling.

But what could I do? We had a secret to keep.

"Your Highness' room is on the third floor, and your Aide's is on the second floor of the annex. The banquet is in an hour. I'll show you to your room myself, Your Highness," The Count said with a pleasant smile.

Kyle moved his gaze away from me and briefly nodded at him.

"I'll guide 2nd Aide Elias. About the dress you'll wear at the banquet... Wait, it's not like you won’t be able to attend because you're working, right?"

I waved my hands at Angela's words.

"Oh. I wasn't officially invited to attend...!"

"Join us!"

My eyes widened at Kyle’s interference, and I stared at him, strongly conveying my feelings.

'Please make a distinction between public and private, Your Highness the 2nd Prince Kyle!'

He raised one eyebrow again, but didn't respond. Instead, he spoke in a very formal tone.

"Dim the lights near my seat as much as possible or remove them."

"Yes, yes. I've already instructed them to dim the dining hall lights. I'll also place your seat at the end of the center table in the middle of the platform."

"Alright. I'll see you at dinner then, 2nd Aide."

He immediately turned around and left.

"Geez. What a jerk! Why on earth do you like Kyle, Angela?"

Twitching, Diane sat down on the couch and Angela laughed, blushing again.

"He acts like that, but if you think about it, he's a very kind person. Even now, when the Aide was worried about not being able to attend the banquet because she wasn't invited, he handled it. Not many people take care of their subordinates like that."

Wow... She interpreted it more positively than it actually was.

"Hmm. Really? Is that so, 2nd Aide?"

I couldn't let her down, so I nodded again.

"You... could see it that way as well. Haha... ha."

Oh! I shouldn't have come with him…

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Jul 30, 2022

When you think about it, poor Kyle!

He comes to relax and have fun (wooing Tara) and finds himself throne into a high stakes business deal.... With a Miss Perfect (that has gumption might I add) chosen by his cousin.

On top of that, because he can't say no to Tara, he has to escort Miss Perfect when he most certainly had other plans in mind (teasing Tara mercilessly and move their relationship forward).

Feb 03, 2023
Replying to

There is nobody who isn't poor at this point, between Kyle, Tara and Angela, Angela is the one who misinterpreted the situation and will be left sad and lonely in the end. I'm having so much cringe from this chapter, I had to pour myself a glass of port to soften the anxiety 😬


Jul 29, 2022

It is at times like this I remember how big of an a$$hole Kyle can be, good at Angela for not wavering! if I was her, I would be shaking at his cold words.

Also, Tara and Kyle’s mental communication is super funny to read. So little romantic interaction yet so much chemistry.


Jul 29, 2022

Diane - 1

Tara - 0


Jul 29, 2022

I can't even blame Angela because I know I would be just as delusional and starstruck if Prince Kyle was in front of me...

I really enjoyed editing this chapter! Kyle sure knows how to make a room chilly, and his eye-banter with Tara was hilarious. I really love these two <3

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