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Chapter 213

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

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Where Tara gets entangled with downright rude and disgusting table companions.


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Episode 213. About 10 Months (90)

"Oh, my God. You're saying that the man looking this way is your travel companion, right ? The one sitting at the end with a black shirt and his arms crossed?"

"Yes. Yes," I answered dryly.

"Good Lord. Look at those proportions. Look at his clothes. They suit him so well. Ugh, it's too dark to see him properly... I think he's handsome, no, overflowing with something more intense."

I could see that for myself.


"Is the man sitting next to Lady Benson really your travel companion?" When I didn't answer, she checked again.

"Yes. But do you know the young Lady Benson?"

"Yes. I come here every year. Wait, what? Is he really travelling with you?"

"Yes, he is my superior. He's the tax collector officer."

I looked at him reluctantly. His seat was in the shadows so his face was only partially exposed to the light.

However, even though his appearance was dangerous, it was also breathtaking, so it caught my attention.

Should I say, like an animal on the edge of a cliff?

Violet expressed her admiration as she stretched her neck forward, looking as if she were ready to jump out of her chair.

"Oh my god, there is something so intense about him. Look at his figure. It's crazy. Where's your company at?"

Even though he was quite far, I could tell that his gaze remained here. Still leaning on his chair with his arms crossed, he slowly turned his head towards Angela, who was asking him a question.

"The company is called Deoran," I answered, clenching my teeth. I wanted to stop talking now, but Violet's interest didn't stop there.

"Oh! Was there such a company? I've never heard of it."

"Yes. Because it's new."

"Oh. Shame. Had I known about it before, I would have promoted it..."

Using Violet's endless chatter as background noise , I sighed inwardly and turned my gaze to the opposite table and realized straight away…

There were quite a few women watching Kyle.

Hmm... Sheesh!

I pursed my lips and looked back at him, but now he had completely taken his eyes off me.

They were on Angela, and the two were drinking and talking.

So I drank the glass of alcohol in front of me. It was sherry. Too sweet to feel like alcohol.

I sipped my glass while half-heartedly listening to Violet's questions. Because of my unclear answers, at some point, Violet turned her attention solely back on me.

Not only that, but her voice had changed to a mix of desperation and kindness.

The fact that Violet’s body was completely tilted towards me while her eyes were fixed on Kyle, made her posture hideous.

"Huh? I'm going to tell my dad to make a deal with your superior. What's his name?"

I wanted to speak informally, but held back.

"I'm only an accountant, so I'm not authorized to disclose that kind of information."

"Why are you so strict? Don't be scared about sharing a good thing!"

"She said no, Violet. Don't disgrace the Family name and be quiet!"

I turned my head up at the sudden sound of a husky voice.

A young man in a blue jacket and neat bow-tie sat down at my left. His light brown hair was softly brushed over and he was built like someone who did physical work.

Well... He was behaving like a gentleman. Wasn’t he?

"Sheesh. You're always blaming me, brother!”

The man reached out to me.

"I'm John Hutt, eldest son of the Hutt Family and Commander of the Knights of Reese Castle. My sister is immature, so please be understanding."

"I'm Tara from the Deoran Company."

When I reached out my hand, he kissed the back of it without warning. Startled, I pulled my hand away.

"What is this?"

"A real knight showing respect to a beautiful woman."

You're going to get beaten up for spouting such cheap pick-up lines!

I ought to do that.

"Oh! She's a commoner, brother! And you're not the knight commander yet."

Ah… What should I do about these nosy idiots? I couldn't take out my axe, since I was seated.

Speechless and amazed, I closed my eyes tightly. After calming down, I opened them slowly and acted as if nothing had happened. I didn't want to stir up a fuss in a place like this.

"Well, well. Is that so? And what is wrong with that? She is more noticeable to me than any other noblewoman."

Well... It wasn't wrong.

John sat close to me.

This was frustrating.

Didn't they even know that there was a tacit agreement that social distancing was required between people when they met for the first time?

"And Violet, I'll become the Knights' Commander within the next 6 months. So, who cares?"

"Show off. And what is the point of looking like a noblewoman if you really are a commoner? To be honest, I don't care for this kind of dinner. Why should I attend the same banquet as peasants…?"

"Watch your mouth, Violet! As Count Reese’s vassal, you must learn to tolerate these unnatural things."

What are they saying…?

The classy and balding old man who sat to Violet's right, scolding her harshly, was probably Baron Hutt.

"That's not...."

"Yes. Our father is right. Aristocrats should act with nobility. So Violet, watch your mouth. Keep your dignity!"

It seemed like the apple didn't fall far from the tree after all.

Hearing John's words, Violet pouted and poked the steak with her fork.

Well, this was no fun. Ah... This was going to give me indigestion. I should eat quickly and leave.

For a while, my only preoccupation was eating the steak in front of me.

"Hmm. Is this your first time at Reese Castle?"

John asked softly and quietly as he shoved a big piece of steak in his mouth. I turned towards him and he looked back at me with a smile.

"Well... Yes."

"Does it taste good?"


"If you are an accountant, you must be good with numbers in order to manage money."

"Well. I think I am, a bit."

"Hahaha. You have a strong appetite."

I frowned as I looked at him laughing with steak in his mouth.

"... Is that funny?"

"Yes. It's amusing."

Yes. You must have a joyful life.

"Will you stop asking me questions? It gets in the way of my meal. And why are you being respectful? Address me comfortably…"

"I haven't treated you as a commoner ever since we met."

"Hmm… So I have noticed."

"Yes? What did you say? Hahahahaha!"

He laughed out loud, pretending to wipe tears from the corners of his eyes.

I frowned and looked at him again.

What was so entertaining? Ah... Was it refreshing having a commoner speak to an aristocrat without being embarrassed?

Fortunately the room was noisy. However, his laughter was so boisterous that people around me looked at us ever so often, so I sped up my eating pace.

"Oh, dear brother! Whe are you laughing like that? Shame on you for teasing Tara."

Violet, who was staring at John, patted me on the back and spoke in a kind tone. As if she was treating me like her own maid.

"Well, since you're a commoner, you probably have never eaten this kind of steak before. But if you eat in such a hurry, you will get an upset stomach. I'll buy you a lot of these. So, why don't you introduce me to your superior over there?"

I burst into laughter.

I swallowed the meat in my mouth and rinsed it with sherry.

"Hahaha. I'm grateful for your kind words. But what can I do? He and I aren't very close, and he isn't the type to listen to others."

"Oh! But you're from the same company…"

I sprang from my seat and wiped my mouth with a napkin.

I couldn't stand this any longer.

"I'll take my leave now…!"

"Oh, you're leaving? Why?"

What did you mean, why? It was because of you!

I put a lot of effort in raising the corners of my mouth to show a smile and pushed my chair back. A hand grabbed the chairback. It was John's.

"Dance with me!"


He stood up and reached his hand out to me.

Following his words, I looked at the floor. Quite a few couples were holding hands and dancing to a lively and pleasant song.

Kyle wasn't among them. The dancers had blocked my view from both Kyle and Angela for a while now.

When I looked back at John's face, I saw a confident smile on his lips.

Ha! Look at this guy.

There it was, that overly confident smile stating that a common woman like me would not dare refuse his offer.

His arrogant gaze and posture made it evident. There were probably quite a few common women in this castle entangled with him.

So, that was how you perceived me.

But what could I do? I definitely had a knack for thwarting high expectations.

With the best smile I could muster, I said very politely. "I appreciate your offer, but being a commoner, I never learned this type of dance. So please withdraw your hand."

As I was still looking up at him, he lowered his head sharply and lightly poked my cheek with his index finger.


This bastard!

My body stiffened under the unexpected action, preventing me from stepping back.

"It's cute how you play hard to get. But that's enough."


As I stared at him with a shocked expression, he misunderstood it for me being overwhelmed by his words and reached out to grab my forearm.

I immediately pulled my arm away and pushed my chair out of the way.

Damn. I misjudged. I didn’t like the way he was looking at me.

Had I been alone I would have retaliated, but there were too many people. A scuffle in a place like this would naturally draw attention.

It was best to avoid such an outcome.

"Oh… You're quick, aren't you?"

The dance floor was crowded with people coming in and out. A few looked at us, but seemed to think that it was a common lover’s quarrel.

In addition, some women around me were watching us with jealous and anxious eyes.

John Hutt seemed to want to make a name for himself in several ways in Reese Castle.

"I'm full… I'm leaving."

"Ah... Don't do that. You don't know me yet, but once you do, you probably won't want to leave this place!"

He approached me quickly and pretended to brush away a strand of stray hair while gently scratching my collarbone with his index finger.

I got goosebumps all over my body.

This Xald@assjfasgoejr f203fcfv bastard! *

Editor’s note:

* Here I kept Munirangs’ keyboard smash as it was in the novel. Insert whatever cussing you wish (and please be creative towards this f**** bastard!). The author probably had to do this in order to keep her age rating down, but also to remind us that Tara/Yeon-Woo is a modern woman.

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Love the keyboard smash lel

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21 may 2023

Yup, it's time to bring out the axe. Remember kids, stay strapped or get clapped!

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22 abr 2023

Okay, either Tara or Kyle abouta wreck this fool, I’m hoping…

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Ugh. I hate this man. And Violet is also a piece of work... The way they treat Tara makes me want to grab and axe and take a go at them.

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01 ago 2022

Violet and her brother both need a good dose of Tara’s axe😤. I wonder if she would pull that type of shit if this took place in the capital, with Tara being an Elias and all. If it wasn’t for her disguise, I’m sure Tara wouldve given her a good old smack down and as for the asswipe, he wouldve been dead by Bernards hands lol

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