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Chapter 57

Where Tara gets an unusual gift and we meet Kyle's Cousin Diane.

This Chapter is dedicated to ck ! Thank you for your continuous support!


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Episode 57. 77kg (1)

"This has to be concealed.But women's skirts.... Hmmm, I mean, don't you have something similar to barbed wire underneath? If so, it would be bad if you got kicked in the waist. Hmmm. What about this? You can put a strong band around your thigh or calf, open the seam so you can take it out of your skirt and fasten it with a snap button on the outer thigh...."

"I get it, stop it. I know this is difficult for you."

"Ha ha.... Anyway, that's how it's intended to be used."

Blushing, Bernard cleared his throat and looked away.

"I've heard of people using daggers for self-defense, but never an axe...."

"Men often use them. They carry them hidden on the side of their shins. They prefer them because they can do much more damage than a dagger. Women don't use them much because they're unwieldy. You've just learned to use an axe, and will continue learning it, so use it. A dagger can be dangerous if handled incorrectly."

He was so serious that I couldn't refuse. It was the first time someone had ever given me a weapon because they were worried about me, and it was a hatchet.

I mean, how often is a woman given a weapon?

I was belatedly touched by Bernard's thoughtfulness and poked his thick bicep.

“I'm impressed, Bernard, it’s the first time I’ve ever received an axe as a gift. If Jason attacks me again, then I'll cut his head off with this axe."

"Don't do that."


"Don’t put your hands together and blink like that. That's not the kind of demeanor I expect from my sworn liege. And if you do hit Jason with your axe, do it with the back, not the blade. I'll do the killing later, if necessary."

"Bernard, you're so inflexible. Now that we're going to be together, you're going to have to get used to my sense of humor. As we get to know each other, we'll get along better. If you are always so serious, don't you think I'm going to become too intimidated to talk to you?"

"You're not one to be intimidated at all."

"Sheesh... You know too much, Bernard. I should probably kill you...."

Bernard turned his back on me, as if he wasn't going to tolerate any more jokes.

I shrugged, embarrassed, and pouted.

Telling jokes is like baseball. The winning team needs both a good pitcher and catcher. I had a feeling that my life in Durben was going to be hard.

"You said that you had some things to finish before leaving for Durben. Let's go. It’s already noon."

"Oh, right. We don't have time. Let's go."

I pulled myself together and climbed into the carriage with Beth.

I was going to meet a person I would have encountered a little later, had I not been assigned to Durben. If my meeting with that person was successful, it could fast track my promotion.

A person who could drastically change the situation in the Imperial Palace.


The bustling streets around the capital square.

This had been a waste of time. Why did he have to be the assistant chef at a first-class restaurant?

As if it wasn't busy enough, today was the once-a-year celebration of Imperial Citizenship Day, and the alcohol prohibition was lifted for the day, causing people to flood the streets.

The idea of being able to drink openly and freely in broad daylight, where they previously only been able to do so hidden in the dark, brought the people of the Empire out in droves, regardless of age and gender.

Every restaurant and lodging establishment in the Capital was busy putting up signs and promoting the alcohol they had in stock.

Most establishments in the city were packed with people, and even the first-rate restaurants, where the person I needed to find worked, had no vacancy.

Since we weren't here to eat, but to meet the assistant chef, my party and I waited in the back alley of the restaurant.

As I looked up at the building, I saw a sign that read.

[The Kingdom, an a la carte restaurant beloved by the Imperial Palace].

What exquisite naming sense....

"He said he’s sorry. The replacement that was supposed to come today felt under the weather. He asked that we wait for an hour, then he can take a break and see us," Bernard said through the back door leading to the kitchen

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it, but the smell of food is making me hungry, and I haven't eaten a meal today. If this is the Imperial Palace's beloved à la carte restaurant, it must be good, so why don't we eat while we wait?"

I looked up, feeling a piercing gaze on my face. Bernard's eyes were shooting lasers.

"This is why I told you not to starve yourself. Because one day of starvation and one day of binge eating puts a strain on the stomach, and if you binge eat, you'll lose muscle too. You know that, right?"

"Hey, Bernard, don't look at me so harshly. I'd never starve myself on purpose."

I felt a twinge in my heart as my conscience pricked me, but I didn't let it get the best of me and continued calmly.

"It's just that I was so stressed out yesterday that I had a nightmare that kept me up all night. So, I overslept and missed breakfast. Since I only missed one meal, I guess I didn't feel hungry straight away... or something like that. I'm not usually the type to binge eat that much. I originally ate smaller, lighter meals."

"What do you mean by 'originally'?"

"Oh... well, a long time ago…"

It was true. Before I transmigrated, I used to eat a normal 3 meals a day, unless I was under a lot of stress and wanted something spicy.

Ha... What's the point of having a mouth if I can't speak without turning beet red.....

While we were arguing at the back door, Beth, who had gotten bored of Bernard and I, was people watching.

“Huh?” She shouted.

But I didn't hear Beth's interjection or notice the group of burly men since I was still debating about food and meals with Bernard.

"Those are knights that came to the Manor, my Lady, and they are standing at the entrance on the other side of the street."

“… Since ancient times, food has been said to be rich in five major nutrients... ”

"For some reason, there aren't any people in line there."

"It’s smart in theory, but is it as easy as it sounds? In the busy 5G world, when do you eat it all? If you're too busy, you can starve….”

"What? 5G?"

"Ah, I guess that's where the Imperial Family eats. Every restaurant is labeled as 'loved by the Imperial Family’ so it's difficult to figure out which one really is.... Isn't that right, Miss?''

"Oh, I had a slip of the tongue."

"Well, if you don’t take care of yourself properly, you'll get sick easily. And then when you exercise, you'll get tired quickly…!”

"I thought this yesterday, but Bernard, you’re too inflexible! I’m not starving every day am I ? I'm just so busy that I skipped a meal.…!”

"Miss, listen to me!"

"Oh! What's wrong?"

Our heated discussion was suddenly interrupted by Beth stepping between us.

"Look over there, Miss. Aren't those knights the ones that came to the Manor?"


They were. Across the street on the other side of the intersection, stood two knights from the Second Prince's entourage.

One of them was the knight named Chris who tried to whip me, and the other was the knight called Walter.

I scanned the building they were standing in front of. It was a three-story restaurant, and a far cry from the one I was waiting at.

[The Rich and Lovely Goblin, the Imperial Palace's favorite a la carte restaurant].*

Author Kim's desperate struggle to make a joke was clearly visible in front of me.

Oh, Author Kim.... No matter what she named it, I wasn’t sticking my nose in that restaurant.

Interestingly, the restaurant had a traditional feel to it, it gave off the impression that they would serve your grandma's famous clam chowder.

There was a high probability that a restaurant that looked 'shabby' was better than one with a fancy exterior.

"Perhaps the Second Prince, who sent you to Durben, is there."

Bernard said casually, arms crossed, he pointed to the building with his chin.

"Phew, that bastard. Why the hell did he come out here to eat? I don't like it!"

A moment’s pause.

"Why? I like it. They say enemies meet on a single log bridge. Kekeke, what a welcome face to see here. How have you been, piggy?" **

The sound of that unpleasant voice instantly gave me goosebumps all over my body.

I quickly turned around to confirm my suspicions.

"Oh, damn it. I'm screwed."

Alas, why couldn't this shitty world leave me alone? Ahhh!


Meanwhile, on the second floor of the [Imperial Palace's favorite à la carte restaurant, 'The Rich and Lovely Goblin'].

29-year-old Countess Diane Reese, boasting a lovely heart-shaped face, and her husband, Count Phillip Reese, sat across from Second Prince Kyle for a long-overdue luncheon.

Most of the conversation was dominated by Countess Diane Reese, with Second Prince Kyle and Count Philip Reese chiming in as she spoke.

Nick, waiting by the door, knew by now that this was a once-a-year event.

He also knew that his lord welcomed it, more than anything.

Countess Diane Reese could bring a smile to the Prince's face the quickest, as far as his subordinates knew.

She was also the only person in the Empire who could treat their Lord with such disrespect.

So, whenever the Prince’s retainers heard of Diane's arrival from the southern Reese estate, they were eager to be present.

When else would they get to see their murderous Lord, Second Prince Kyle, treated like a little brother.

"Look at you, being picky. You should eat your onions, too, Kyle."

The Countess dared to plunge her fork onto his Master's plate, bringing the onion he had pushed to one side back to the center.


She gazed at his Lord, who stared at her with a furrowed brow, and dared to ruffle his hair in a cute way.

‘Aaaaaaaaah.... I wish my colleagues and I could have seen this together.'

Nick stood still, his expression unchanged, but he wanted to let out a tremendous scream when he realized that he had nobody to share this moment with.

"Why are you frowning? You may be the Second Prince of the Ocerian Empire, but you're still my cousin."

This time, she pinched his Lord's cheek in an adorable way. It was unbelievable.

It was true. Countess Diane Reese was the only cousin the Second Prince had left.

‘Ah, that brash behavior that never fails to send shivers down my spine....'

Nick swallowed hard and studied his Lord's expression carefully. It was still the same stony face.

"Get your hands off me!"

"My Dear.... do not so imprudently place your hands on his Highness's body....."

Sir Philip, who had been watching from the sidelines, interrupted her.

"Why? Is he going to kill the three of us for blasphemy?"

"If you are aware of it, don't do it. If you touch me again, I will do something."

"Oh, I'm scared. But Kyle, what are you going to do about it? You know my parents are already dead and I don't have any children. So, even if you wanted to kill us, you can't, oh ho ho ho!"

‘Oh... shit.’

Nick flicked his gaze over at his Lord, but fortunately, there was no change in his expression.

Only Count Philip Reese looked pale.

Editor's Note -

* It took me an age to find the reference to this supposed joke from Author Kim.... As it turns out, I found it by change when looking up the word 'Dokkaebi' (도깨비) which means Goblin. First I found this: Dokkébi Korean restaurant in Paris

Where it explains that the name of the restaurant comes from a famous 2016 Korean Drama:

쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비 (The Lonely and Great God/Goblin)

In this drama, one of the main character's actually owns a chicken restaurant. But the fun doesn't stop there! The Korean restaurant in Paris was actually the first Korean restaurant I went to eat in last november! Talk about coincidences!

On a more private note, sorry for the long time without any new posts. I was dealing with some unpleasantries in real life. But now they are sorted and we have plenty of chapters coming for you!

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Indomitable Jewels
Indomitable Jewels
Dec 05, 2023

Ooh, I was so looking forward to meeting Diane here, and she did not disappoint! Thank you Thama!


Dec 05, 2023

I’m hope all is well, and yes, Diane is fantastic.


Dec 05, 2023

I'm also back now. Even if my computer screen is literally hanging by a thread, I'll edit as much a possible before it implodes and also get out one of the fanfics! (Currently working on it)

So sorry again you all for the long delay in posting. Lucky for you, while I was stuck @Rina did a trumendous job editing many chapters. Now a bit of proofreading and presto! More chapters published very soon!

Dec 06, 2023
Replying to

Same.... sigh....


Dec 05, 2023

Diane treating Kyle like a kid is never not funny to me.

Sorry again for the extended absence everyone. It was a chaotic month for all of us and we never intended to take such a long break.

Also, I'm convinced chapter 57 was cursed, poor@Thamalasca's computer almost self destructed in the process of editing this and that was the tip of the iceberg. I've been working on a bunch of chapters in the meantime so hopefully we can compensate for that a bit soon 😅.

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