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Chapter 64

Updated: Mar 9

Tara finishes her preparations while Joseph and Hans scheme.

This chapter is dedicated to Seavee, thank you so much for your donation and kind words!


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Episode 64: 72kg (1)*

I tilted my head and clasped my hands together before launching into an explanation.

"So... an R19 book is a kind of... Hmm.... Yes! It means it's about the process by which an adult man and woman confirm their love for each other. Of course, it's great if that process happens after they've confirmed that they're in love, but that's not always the case. Anyway, if an adult man and woman are on fire at the slightest suggestion of a touch, they're bound to want to take it to the next level... It's human nature. In my opinion, the content of book 3 is about one of the important processes that a couple must go through when they develop into a romantic relationship.... Assuming they're both completely in love, so yeah. So, the two of them share their bodies with one another. Uh... So men, they uh.... hmm... And.... Hmm... They... Oh, no, not that, but anyway, you know how it is. You can come together in a hurry, and then things can cool down.... Haah... This is really hard to explain, but it's so important... Each person's preference... Hmm... Everyone has different skills... You can love it one minute and hate it the next, or you can't decide and then the next day you're just like, ‘Yes! Just… yes!’ You know? Something like that."

A cold sweat trickled down my back. My explanation, which had started out promisingly, was mostly punctuated by "Uhhh... Hmmm..." and ended with me blurting out words that even I didn't quite understand.

When was the last time I explained something like this?

No, there had never been a time in my 33-year-long life when I'd had to explain sex to someone else, even without having to sugarcoat it like this.

Haa... My disappointing level of sexual experience was showing again...

"...Huh, that's perverted!"

After hearing my explanation, Aria pondered it for a moment, her face turning red.

She glared at me in disgust. I never thought I'd hear the word "perverted" directed towards me from someone of the same sex.

"Huh! No, that's just what it says. I didn't write it. You asked me, so I told you what it was about. But I'm really not, uh, bad."

My plea went unheard, and Aria nervously looked back and forth between the books and me.

Of course, Beth, who was standing next to Aria, also stared at me in disbelief, bewildered.

But, from the way she called it 'perverted', I think she understood.

"Why are you giving me this?"

Why? Because I feel bad that you're going through a phase where you fall stupidly in love at the speed of light.

"Well, I guess it's a gift of support? It will be good for you to know more about your target."

"It's not like I'm going to see Prince Kyle in them, so what are you trying to imply?”

"You will."


"Fortunately, in volume four there are detailed profiles of the Ocerian royal family and other hot aristocratic men, plus 100 questions and answers to study."


Aria's eyes sparkled for a moment, but then she glanced back at the books and me with suspicion.

"You have to start somewhere. Read it. There's little known about the author, Woobong, but I have heard one rumour."

"What is it?"

"That they're one of the servants in the Second Prince's Palace."

That was all it took. Aria's eyes were already glowing with the light of infinite trust as she gazed at the book.

It was a gift, and a psychological reward. I had no doubt that the Second Prince would never give her so much as a second glance.

Despite knowing it in advance, I'd made that promise to Aria before the interview. I had taken advantage of Aria's feelings, so I thought it would put my conscience at ease if I gave her a present.

You never knew, perhaps her seemingly hopeless quest for romance would pay off big time with the book.

"But when will you come back? A year, two years?"

"I'll be back in six months."


Both Beth and Aria stared at me in disbelief.

"Eh? How is that possible? I heard that you'd be there for two to three years? I heard there are a lot of people who work there permanently."

"I'm coming back."

"But how?"

I smiled wryly at Aria's question.

"I'll just find a way to do it, I suppose."

"... That sounds suspicious..."

"...If you're bored, you can write me a letter if you'd like." 

When Aria finally left my parlour, Beth, unable to contain her curiosity, came over and asked,"Miss, is there a way to do it?"

Instead of answering, I showed her a document.


"Look closely. The fourth option, subsections 2 and 4. That's how I'm getting back."

When she saw the document I handed her, the anticipation in Beth's eyes vanished like a balloon being whisked away by the wind.

- - - - - - - <Ocerian Empire Administrative Officer Promotion System> - - - - - - -

1. General Promotion...

2. Open Competition Promotion...

3. Long Service Promotion...

4. Special Promotion * 

1) Public service award winners. 

2) Those who excelled in the performance of their duties. 

3) Those who have died in the line of duty. 

4) Those who made great contributions to the Empire outside of their duties.

* Special promotion candidates are promoted within 15 days after the judges' review.

** The recipient of a special promotion will be given full consideration when requesting a transfer to their desired region.


"Miss. This is too..."

"I'm a highly motivated woman, Beth. You know that!"

At those words, a glimmer of hope lit in Beth's eyes again.

"Now I've just got to find a way to make a notable contribution...."

Hearing my last words, she shook her head.

The day of our departure, which had seemed so long in coming, finally arrived. Bernard, Beth, and I packed up and left for Durben the next day.

Before I knew it, two months had passed.


The Third Prince's Palace, Main Office.

"...At that time, there were raiders in the coastal town of Shayburn, located by a cliff close to the end of the southeastern coastline. As everyone knows, the report described it as a 'barbaric enemy invasion and massacre of the villagers'. In order to find a connection between the Empress and the Second Prince Kyle, I backtracked to when the Second Prince first entered the palace, and that was the only time I could find a connection."

"I guessed... So that's when."

Gabriel Rankin, the commander of Prince Joseph Amure's 1st Imperial Guard Corps, handed the Prince a lengthy report of his findings so far.

Joseph skimmed the report, lost in thought.

Twelve years ago, the Empire's power had been very weak. The Imperial Court itself had been powerless.

The long-established noble factions had been divided into two camps, each hardened by repeated mergers and acquisitions, and they often challenged the Emperor's decisions, stymying his every move.

In addition, foreign invasions had been frequent during that period, and the discipline of the Army had deteriorated and loosened.

Policies directed towards taking care of the people were losing steam, and everyone was busy looking out for their own interests.

The Emperor had been inexperienced and lacked confidence due to his many policy failures.

One of the two factions was led by the House of Toulouse, which had produced Empresses for generations, and they were far more trusted in the Empire then than they were now.

"Yes, Your Highness. Other than that incident, there was no contact at all."

"And why did you assume that?"

"Well, the most famous of the mercenary groups active during that time was the Legion of Heroes, and it turns out that they were actually..."

"A mercenary organization paid for by the House of Toulouse and other Families. They were hired to do the jobs that the Families couldn't do themselves."

"You know of them?"

"It's my mother's house. It includes my family, of course I know that much. Don't you agree? So, did that mercenary organization do it?"

"Yes. In underworld circles, that mercenary band is called the 'Cursed Mercenary Corps,' and the story was altered through word of mouth and passed down in the form of a song. Right here, you'll see the song written down."

Joseph lowered his gaze to the last page and skimmed it.


…On a battlefield they ambushed an allied general, and the enemy they gifted his head to.

At last, a young illegitimate child they encountered, and his family they brutally slaughtered.

Mercenaries have no principles.

Mercenaries will do anything for riches.


When he finished reading, Joseph didn't say anything, he only smiled.

"Interesting. Any evidence?"

"There's very little left. The only people who know what happened are the drifters who unwittingly joined the mercenary corps, most of whom are dead or missing. The few who remain are degenerates, living as addicts or suffering from mental illness. But...."


"According to a spy planted in the Military not too long ago, His Highness the Second Prince tortured an old mercenary."

"Hmph. Of course he would know about it. If he doesn't know, he's working hard to gather hard evidence. It's too obvious. House Toulouse won't leave anyone behind who can jeopardize the heir to the throne. Probably quite a few collateral relatives have disappeared at the hands of the House of Toulouse in the past."

"What should we do .....?"

"Hmm. What shall we do?"

Joseph glanced out the window of his office and caught sight of the tall spires of the most ornate building in the Palace, where the Emperor resided.

The spire, glittering in the sun, was always so far away from him.

He stretched out his arm and held it in the direction of the spire, until the building appeared to rest in the palm of his hand.

"...Wait until he's finished his business and then summon Sir Hans."

"Yes, Your Highness!"


The Treasury Department, Palace Administration Building.

Leaving the Palace of the Third Prince, Gabriel walked past the Imperial Council Hall on the left side of the Palace to the four-story Palace Administration Building, where each of the Palace's agencies were housed.

Inside the inner offices of the Treasury on the second floor, the officials were busy with their work.

He tapped on Hans Button's shoulder, seated at the head of the table. He looked up in surprise, then smiled.

With light brown hair and a rather thin build, Lord Button was the second in line to the rural southern Barony of Button.

As far as he could tell, he was always well put together and perpetually slightly grinning.

Gabriel didn't understand at first why Prince Joseph kept him around, but now he had some idea.

"Is he looking for me?"

"Yes. He told me to wait and bring you to him at the end of the day."

"He's always so generous. I already finished what I needed to do this morning, so if you don't mind, I can go now."

"Then do so."

He was well-spoken, competent, sincere, and humble. He was just what the Third Prince needed, but Gabriel didn't like him yet.

It had been nearly two months since he had been posted to the Treasury, and by all accounts, this man, Hans Button, would get promoted the fastest out of all of his peers.


Editor’s Notes -

* Weight conversion 72kg = 158.7lb

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Mar 08

@Rina I hope it is not late to tell you this but there is a small typo towards the end of the chapter. Unless Gabriel had been a woman all this time, "As far as she could tell" should be changed to "he".

I thought it might bother you to have it like that.

Mar 08
Replying to

It's never too late to point out a typo 😊! Thanks, we always miss a few things. It should be fixed now.


Dec 19, 2023

As someone who has had to explain what sex is to two kids... I suddenly feel like the Queen of Sex Ed after that attempt. 😅

Dec 19, 2023
Replying to

It's also funny because she's living in a more conservative society. Tara gives the most vague explanation possible and Aria calls her a pervert 😆.


Dec 18, 2023

I can't believe that Tara/Yeon Woo is even worse than Bernard at sex ed....🤣

But it also is, imo, a little pebble that Munirang leaves there to show that Yeon Woo, despite her previous 'experience' has confidence issues in that departement. So, it does explain a lot of Tara/Yeon Woo's behavior in regards to her relationship with Kyle in later chapters.

It's hard to believe sometimes how deep and detailled Munirang goes in her own plot to set up things that will come to fruition many chapters later. Her character and world builidong is fantastic.


Dec 17, 2023

My favorite detail in this chapter is that we finally get to learn the name of Kyle's hometown growing up! The manhwa skips this part almost entirely.

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