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Chapter 94

Where Kyle starts his investigation and Tara get a long awaited family reunion.

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Episode 94․ About a Year (21)

"Yes, if we find the exact causative agent, maybe, but if we don't, it's a long shot. Even if we do find the cause, it will take at least 6 months to do clinical trials and check for side effects."

It wasn't a poison, but an allergic reaction that anyone could have. However…

"What about the ones stored in the warehouse?"

"We tried testing them randomly on animals, but none of them showed the same reaction except for the ones served at the banquet."

The target was clear.

Louis Amure. The Emperor of the Ocerian Empire.

"Would the same result have occurred if His Majesty had consumed some?"

The court physician thought it over for a minute before explaining.

"As you know, members of the Imperial Family have been developing poison resistance from an early age and have vaccinated themselves against various infectious diseases and allergens. Perhaps it's different for the Miller children, but we can't be sure. We haven't found the cause yet, and it's imperative that we do that first."

Kyle sent the court physician away and lost himself in thoughts.

He wondered what kind of person had thought this incident up. It wasn't sloppy. The connections were obvious, the results simple.

The timing had been so exquisite, as if orchestrated. Kyle slowly rubbed the back of his neck as he felt it and his shoulders stiffen.

‘I've got a pretty tricky culprit...'


Chris, who had been waiting just outside the door, burst in.

"Did you find out what I asked you?"

"The exclusive distribution and sales rights were granted only a week before the banquet. They were originally planned to go to the head of House Toulouse, but their business plan was saturated, so they turned it over to the Elias merchant group."


"We sent an investigation team to speak to the Toulouse merchant group as well..."

“...But nothing came out of it.”

"Yes. That's right. It’s common practice to pass new contracts from their merchant company to others, so they've done nothing wrong."

"... They would say so. What of the diplomatic representative for the Kingdom of Barron?"

"He is a man of great reputation and was sent every year with the envoys. All investigations into backroom dealings or the trade of specialty goods came back clean. He is also rumored to be a man of integrity, even within the Kingdom of Barron."

"I know him. He wouldn’t be so foolish as to brazenly attempt to assassinate the Emperor of the allied Empire."

"The man who handed over the basket was Jason Elias, the son of Count Elias. He currently holds the position of a 3rd secretary under the First Prince but does little else."

"What is the current status of the Count and his son?

"They are both currently giving voluntary statements in the interrogation room with an accompanying officer."


Same day.

It was Dixon, the butler, who first spotted Tara entering the Elias Family's capital mansion alone.

Dixon paused for a moment as he saw the beautiful young woman enter only accompanied by a single maid.

‘I wonder if there were any other noblewoman planned among today's visitors?'

As she took a step closer, he rubbed his blurry eyes and then his jaw dropped at the realization.

Since yesterday, no one had been allowed to enter the house. Except for the immediate family.

‘Then, a girl with this hair color...!'

Dixon's eyes widened and he ran in a panic. As she entered the hall, not only the butler, but also all the maids and servants working in the hall stopped what they were doing and stared in surprise.


"Ah, butler. How have you been? I've roughly heard about the situation. Where's uncle Dylan? What about my mother? And my siblings? Where is everyone?"


"Butler? Why are you looking at me like that? Is something else going on?"

"No, that's not it. You've changed so much..."

"Ahh..." Tara simply shrugged her shoulders as if it were nothing.

"Haha... Right. Sometimes I also feel surprised when I look in the mirror, but we can talk about that later. That's not what is important right now, please explain to me what happened in detail first."

Dixon, a seasoned butler, straightened his expression and reported what he knew at once.

"Yes, My Lady. Sir Dylan is in his Lordship's office, talking to the lawyers with Master Logan and Lady Chloe. Madame is in her bedroom. She's been ill since yesterday and your mother is at her side. Miss Aria is in the study."

“Aria is in the study?”

"Ah...yes. Since yesterday she's been going there whenever she has the time."

"Oh...Hmmm. I'll have a quick wash up first then I'll go see my mother. Please tell Dylan that I'd like to see him. And Beth, I'm hungry, so go tell the kitchen that I want to grab a quick bite to eat. Then you're off for the rest of the day."

"Huh? No Miss. I should stay by your side."

"No, no. Let's be efficient, okay? I'll call you if I need you."

With her instructions relayed, Tara headed up to her room. Dixon watched her, still dumbfounded.

"My God.... To think that one person could lose so much weight.... It's amazing."

"Yes, Butler. My Lady is wonderful! By the way, you should go now. My Lady will probably come back down soon."

"Oh, my! Look at me! I shall. You've been working hard as well."

Beth walked towards the kitchen and Dixon towards the main office. As he paused at the door and lifted his hand to knock, he thought to himself: 'She gave me orders as if she was head of the Family...'

‘...Well, this is to be expected with her bloodline,' he thought as he knocked on the office door which boasted the heaviest atmosphere in the mansion.


Familiar scents. Familiar objects... I must have fallen in love in such a short amount of time. As I entered the room, I immediately felt a sense of relief that I was finally home.


I laughed out loud. Relief. It was a word totally at odds with the current situation.

Elias is ready for its fifth daughter...

The room was unchanged. Perhaps my mother had taken care of it. But there was no time to be sentimental.

I washed up quickly, changed clothes and went to visit the Madam's bedroom first. Her reaction was like that of the butler, but her gaze was quite the opposite to his.

"Madam,Mother, I have returned from Durben."

As I entered the room, her four dedicated maids turned towards me in unison, their eyes widening in surprise as they echoed the words, "Oh my... Oh my God... "

“Who dares to enter...!”

"Oh... Should I leave?"

Sure enough, the Madam was so surprised her words cut themselves off as she turned her head toward me. She lay in bed, her brow furrowed.

My dear mother was pouring tea and was so surprised that she forgot to lift the spout of the teapot up, causing her teacup to overflow.

"Ouch! what are you doing, are you out of your mind?"

I couldn't stand her scolding any longer.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Madam."

Ugh. So temperamental. Huh... She claimed she was sick... But she looked like she was fresh out of a salon...

The Madam's eyes widened in surprise then she frowned and pouted, letting out a 'hmmm' and a deep sigh.

"How come...Tsk. What happened to your body… You look so sturdy."

Ugh...! Let's be patient. Hold on.

"What on earth? You've become so thin... Ahh, my baby… Waahh!"

"Mother, I'm home."

Tears welled up in my eyes. My heart ached and resonated deep within me. My mother ran straight to me, sobbing like a child and hugged me tightly.

"Why are you so skinny? Are you sick? How hard have you been working for your body to become like this? ...Heuk... Heuk..."

"I was exercising on purpose. I didn't overwork myself. Don't cry, I'm happy to see you."

As we exchanged pleasantries at the bedroom's entrance, I heard something I shouldn't have.

" You worthless... The family is in shambles right now, and it's these commoners' fault.... I don't need to greet the likes of you who blocked my son's path!"


My mother's body stiffened as well as mine.

I wanted to rip her snout open, grab both ends and tie it in a nice bow in the middle...

I stared at her while she snorted and looked at us one last time.

Feeling that the air in the bedroom had become stifling, Victoria Elias shouted at the maid in the back.

"Open the window, it smells weird in here!"

Had she lost her marbles along with her dignity as a Lady?

Then a soft hand touched my clenched fist. My mother shook her head as if asking me to leave.

The look in her eyes told me to ignore the Countess and leave the room so she could have a proper look at me.

I forced myself to unclench my fists and slowly nodded.

"I shall take my leave then, Ma'am. Get well soon."

I reluctantly bowed to my mother and headed out the door, but she followed suit.

"I shall take my leave as well."

We chatted briefly as we made our way down the hall. It was more of a one-sided questioning than a conversation.

My mother didn't know the details of the attempted murder on the Emperor, but she knew that Jason was the initiating factor.

"The Count didn't seem to know anything about it either. He's a man of integrity, so he should be fine, right?"

"... He'll be released."

"Yes. Yes."

My mother smiled, trying to hide her fear, but she couldn't hide the slight trembling at the corner of her lips.

I stood at the landing of the second floor for a moment and asked the question that had been on my mind all along.

"Why did you go to the Countess's bedroom knowing you'd hear something like that?"

"Because the matriarch is unwell, and I must take care of her. And it is also true that I come from a commoner family."

"Don't say such nonsense. That was before marriage. You're already a Countess. You can't let her lash out and wound you like that... If you keep listening, I'm afraid it will break your heart."

"Oh, my... my daughter! You're all grown up. It's okay. I do talk back to her."

“What?” I asked, wide-eyed at the unexpected answer.

for flow


"In truth? I say things like,she's not getting any younger, she’s having a bad hair day, or her make-up is too witchy today.... Or things like, she hasn't pooped in days, or something like that. It's kind of pathetic, when you think about it. Honestly she doesn't have any friends by her side."

“Ah... ha... hahaha.”

I couldn't help but burst out laughing. My mother was so much stronger than her appearance let on.

But...That's how she had lasted so long in this mansion, even after listening to such nonsense and having a daughter like me.

I felt refreshed after laughing. My mother had her own way of doing things.

But my method was different.... Tolerance wasn't the answer.

If things went on like this, then it was my duty... No, my right, to act.

Deciding to strike the iron while it was hot, I started to head back towards Countess's room, but had no choice but to look back when I heard my mother's tearful voice.

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