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Happy Anniversary!

Yay! Thama's Edits is officially 1 year old!

I never imagined when I started this out that this day would come!

So, after 1 year, what have we accomplished?

We have:

337 Fans who signed up.

158 Edited chapters

100+ Ko-Fi's gifted.

5 Fanfics

1 Over analysed Theory


3 Fantastic team members!

Quite the accomplishment if I dare say.

(Especially since we don't advertize the site in any way, this is all word to mouth or searches.)

None of this would have been possible without the endless dedication and help from Aiten, Rina and Sam who have spent countless hours and some sleep deprived nights getting the raws, editing and proofreading done. Really I can't thank them enough and I feel so proud and privileged to know them as human beings as well.

All 3 have evolved so much and are in the process of accomplishing great things for their futures. As the 'Aunty' of the bunch, I'm so happy for them all. It is great to witness their growth and progress. I'm so proud of you Girls!

But also, none of this would have been possible without YOU!

Thanks to your subscription, comments, support and boundless generosity (Thank you so much for your Ko-fi's!) we wouldn't have tried as hard or be here today.


So, what's next?

Short term: Well, Sam and Rina will both be very busy for the next couple of months with studies/exams and travels, so there will be a dip in productivity since I will be (almost!) alone doing the editing.

Mid term: We are still trying to figure out how to have YOU being able to post freely in the community section. We would really like for our Community section to flourish this year.

Long term: This year, along with continuing editing in English, I have this (crazy!) idea of editing the novel in French as well. I'm waiting to get more chapters done and I have to create a French side for the website.

And that is already plenty enough! LOL

So, let's celebrate today and I hope to see you all again for our second anniversary!

Lots of Love to you all!


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