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News: ISTDF Manhwa Returning September 6th!

Good news for anyone who has been following the manhwa! The korean version of the manhwa is officially returning September 6th 2023!

Episodes 111-113 will be released on September 6th and it will be serialized weekly on Mondays from that point onwards.

We strongly encourage anyone who's interested to support the author and artist directly on Kakaopage or support one of the official manhwa translations.

Tweet from Munirang (the author) - includes link to official Korean version

We also have full links and details on our Support the Authors page, but here's a breakdown of where you can legally read translations of the manhwa when they come out.

Official English - Manta Comics

Chinese - Bilibili Comics

Indonesian - KakaoPage Indonesia

Vietnamese - POPS

Japanese - Piccoma

Which novel scene are you most excited to see in the new season of the manhwa?

- The ThamaEdits Team 😁

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