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Profound Apologies

Dear All,

Have you ever heard of the Bystanders' Effect?

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological theory that states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim in presence of other people.

In our case, I'm talking about our community email. The poor thing was a victim of it.

Basically I've created the email and forgot to turn on notifications for it, (my computer literacy is off the charts as you can see), and then, not getting any notifications, I thought that nobody wrote us.

Then, my dear fellow editors Rina and Sam both thought that I was checking that inbox regularly... Which, of course, I was not.

Today, the wonderful Rina went to have a quick look since we noticed that we don't have enough email campaigns with Wix (it only sends 200 emails per month on my current plan and we have over 300 subscribers, you can see the issue) and she discovered YOUR EMAILS!

The wonderful stuff you guys sent for our 1 year anniversary and other things.


Our negligence has made you think that we didn't care about your efforts when it's not the case AT ALL!

We are a bunch of dumbdumbs.

So, I've just spent my morning replying to those emails asking for authorization to publish your wonderful works. I hope you'll still let us do it!

On another note, since we are working on improving our website, we found out that we can have you as a 'Guest Writer'.

If you are interested in publishing a post on our site, whether that be a fanart, fanfic a theory or whatnot, instead of sending us an email like before, you can ask to have the 'Guest Writer' enabled which will allow you to create a post here. You won't be able to publish it, it will need our approval first, but at least it won't be lost of forgotten since we will see it straight away.

So, if you wish, you put a comment here asking for the rights or send us an email, (I assure you that the notifications have been turned on and we will check it ragularly from now on) and we will grant them to you.

So in conclusion 3 things:

1 WE ARE DEEPLY SORRY for our negligence

2 We are working hard, (well Rina is), on having more email campaigns so you ALL get notified when a new post is published.

3 If you wish to participate and publish something here, let us now and we will enable the 'Guest Writer' on your account, you will receive an email confirmation for it.

Once again, we can't stress enough for guttered we feel about this whole situation.

We will do our outmost in the future so this does not happen again.

With all our Love

Thamalasca, Rina and Sam

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