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Results of the Fanfic Poll!

And the Winner is........

First Night part 3!

With 18 votes.

Dancing lessons came second with 13 votes and was neck and neck with Kyle & Tara Modern Office AU which had 12 votes.

Thank you to all those who participated!

Now it seems that our little community here is thirsty for more smut... Or is it the influence of the recent chapters that we've posted?

Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me now...... (Lewd mind turning on! LOL)

So, with the previous poll I have 2 fanfics to write! I'll be doing a Kyle centric one while Sam and Rina will be doing a Tara and an Andrei one respectively.

I'm so looking forward to their stories!

And what about your stories?

Don't forget you can ask for guest writing privilege if you wish to write a post or send us your files to publish through email just like @yellowmarigolds did.

Take care and happy reading!


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