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Results of the Favourite Character Poll!

The people have spoken! We got 51 votes in our Favourite Character Poll over the past week and now we'll have to pay up with short fanfics and/or fanart about our top 3!

So without further ado here are our top three!

In Third Place with 7 votes (13.73%), was everyone's favourite information broker Andrei Pitt! (I bet he's cackling away somewhere in one of his secret bases right now.)

In Second Place, we have everyone's favourite arrogant prince, Kyle Amure, with 10 votes (19.61%), who for the first time in his life isn't ranked No. 1! (I'm sure he'll be able to cope with the disappointment somehow).

And then finally, in First Place, we have our QUEEN Tara Elias, sweeping the rankings with 20 votes and a 39.22% of the final vote!

All three will be getting some extra love from the Admins and we are already plotting our short fanfics for these three.

If we ever do a favourite character poll in the future we might have to exclude Tara and Kyle because they're too darn popular to be fair to the rest!

As for how everyone else ranked? Here is the final breakdown:

Our favourite clumsy aide Nick Bright and the unstoppable Duchess Helen tied for fourth with 3 votes and 5.88% of the vote each.

The ever loyal Bernard came in 6th with 2 votes (3.92%).

And Beth, Theodore Stuart, and Chloe Elias tied for 7th with 1 vote each!

Everyone else didn't get a single vote! Thank you to everyone who voted, and we hope you enjoyed this little poll! You will be getting the fanfics and fanart as soon as we can make/write it! Thank for participating! - The Thama's Edit's Team

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2 comentarios

21 oct 2023

Na próxima deixa agente escolher os 3 que mais gostamos, acho que teríamos resultados diferentes...;)

Me gusta

09 oct 2023

I feel certain that in a possible next character favourite poll, excluding Tara and Kyle, Andrei would definitely win lol. Now, to eagerly wait for the fanfics/fanarts, thank you 💕

Me gusta
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