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Surrender (19+)

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Fanfic: written by me (Thamalasca). It isn't canon but does refer to canon elements in the novel from various chapters, noticeably chapters 263 to 265.

Rated: 19+

SMUT WARNING: Fanfic with explicit sexual content.

Premice: Kyle and Tara's first night from Kyle's POV.

A word from me:

You dreamed of it, I wrote it. Well, part 1 at least.

In chapter 265 there is this sentence: "After making her three loves, she fell into a deep sleep." (raw unedited text).

So, naturally, this will be a 3 part fanfic.

Don't ask when the next part is coming out, I have no clue yet. I'm still reeling from writing my first ever erotica.....

On another note, I have been very respectful of Munirang's characters... Yes, it is explicit, but it isn't raunchy or vulgar. I chose my vocabulary very carefully (actually Sam challenged me to write it without using words related to genitalia.... and I did it.)

I hope you enjoy this. Please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love your feedback!

Happy (steamy!) reading!



Tara opened her mouth then shut it.

Her gaze changed as she looked at him, understanding that the time for frivolous conversation had passed as Kyle looked at her lips, his half-mast eyes unable to conceal the longing and desire burning within. *

Tension ran through Kyle’s body and he slightly quivered, holding back his urge to just ravish her to satisfy his primal needs.

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

Opening them again, his calloused hand cupped Tara’s cheek and slowly, gently, he brushed his lips against hers in small, light movements.

Surprised by the sudden change of pace, she stayed still, her full lips parting slightly, inviting exploration.

Alternating between tongue and lips, Kyle’s slow and delicate attentions increased the sensitivities of their mouths, resulting in a buzzing sensation that left them both breathless.

Tara grabbed his nape and hair, pulling him close, requiring, no, ordering more.

Kyle obliged her, their tongues intertwining, as they ravished each other’s mouths.

He felt his control slipping again.

‘………… No!’

He pulled back with great difficulty, shuddering under the effort.

He looked into her eyes, and saw not only need as strong as his, but also a spark of smugness that riled him up and made him pause for a second.

‘You’re thinking that things will go your way, aren’t you?’

He witnessed Tara’s expression change as his own eyes glinted, predatory, in the dim light.

His lips curled up in a feral grin.

He quickly got off the bed and grabbed her wrist pulling her along, making her stumble. She let out a little squeak.

He caught her waist with this other arm and held her close for a second, her soft, sweet scent permeating his senses as he inhaled deeply.

She looked up at him, bewildered.

“I want to see you…. All of you.”

Her eyes grew wide, and she started panting under his dark gaze, her cheeks and neck burning up as she lowered her eyes and nodded slightly.

Kyle let go of her, his long fingers lingering on her waist. As he moved back his other hand gently tugged on the scarf’s butterfly knot. He then pulled it off in one unhurried and fluid gesture, the sound of the silken fabric grazing her skin the only noise in the room while they gazed at each other.

Taking a couple of steps back, he crossed his arms while stroking his chin, the square of skin warmed silk still in his hand. Tara’s eyes sparkled and a slight smile hovered on her luscious lips.

‘Is this another gesture that she finds appealing?’

He took his time, studying the lovely picture she presented, his eyes half-mast as her small white hands gripped her dress on each side.

He circled her slowly, with a prowling gait, undressing his adorable prey in his mind.

Tara turned her head as he moved, but otherwise stayed still, while blushing furiously. As he faced her again, he heard her sigh and saw her shiver.

He grinned.


Kyle took a step forward, standing at arm’s length. He lazily raised his right hand, focused on the expressions and reactions of his partner. Anticipation, desire, longing, and a bit of impatience or maybe frustration, but no fear.

That square neckline of creamy white skin beckoned him, while Tara’s panting breaths emphasized the fullness of her breasts stretching the dark fabric, momentarily catching his eyes.

His lovers’ gaze never left his hand though, riveted to even the slightest movement he made as her body literally vibrated from restraint and anticipation.

Kyle had to dig his nails into his palm under the wave of power he felt from witnessing her reactions but also from the jolt of pain from his lower abdomen.

Such sweet and horrible torture.

His own breath became a little ragged and rough.

He smiled as the tip of his fingers pushed back the locks on her forehead in his usual manner.

She looked up at him, mirth in her eyes.

He continued trailing lightly, his fingers contouring her delicate ear. From there, down to her long white neck, along the clavicle to the edge of the neckline fabric.

So soft.

In sync, they gazed at each other, a world of emotions going through them as Kyle’s long fingers followed the edge of the fabric to the bottom corner of the square neckline where he slipped two of them underneath.

He heard her hold her breath and felt her heart pound under his fingertips.

As they grazed her nipple, hardening it, she moaned.


As his fingers continued their teasing, his other hand came up and pulled on the ribbon tied slightly below her chest.

The fabric loosened.

Impatient now, Kyle slipped his thumbs under the shoulder seams and pulled the dress down. Not wanting to look just yet, he tugged on the sleeves until the dress gave and puddled at her feet.

He retreated to finally look at her.

She only wore a lacy piece of underwear and stockings each held by a dark blue ribbon garter.

He growled.

Her alluring body resembled her character: firm and soft, just as his was hard and unyielding.

He loved it.

Her toned limbs and abdomen contrasted vividly the roundness of her shoulders, the swell of her breasts and the gentle curve of her hips.

Remembering what she had said in the Berquinn Caves, he could attest that she probably was the most athletic noblewoman of the Empire.

He smiled briefly at the bittersweet memory.

Once again, he prowled around her, admiring the erotic view she offered, her pert full breasts, the pink nipples erect from his touch, her curved legs in pure white stockings and dainty shoes, the nape of her long delicate neck giving way to a toned back and sinuous spine down to her bottom cheeks still hidden by a bit of tantalizing lace.

He removed her hair pin and crimson waves spilled down her back to her waist.

“Beautiful…..” he whispered as he slipped his hand through the auburn curls and removed that one lock of hair that always bothered him.

Then he realised that Tara had been oddly silent all this time.

He looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

She was staring straight at him, her chin slightly raised, daring and defiant.

Totally unashamed.

‘Ha! .... Clear provocation…..’

He knew then…..

He knew what he wanted: complete surrender.

‘As I have surrendered my heart first, I will make your body surrender in turn, until you lose all reason and become mine…..’

The urgency of his need took over as he pulled her waist and took her mouth, his fighting spirit ablaze.

His roughened hands trailed her spine and roamed her back, savoring the difference between her soft skin and toned muscles as her sweet scent floated in a cloud around him.

The contrast of her soft curves against his hard plains awoke something fierce within him.

Her panting, moans and shivers, her small hands gripping his hair and nape, as their tongues entangled in a frenzied dance drove him close to madness.

He needed more.

He wanted to see her writhe and hear her shout his name as she drowned in pleasure.

He trailed his lips across her cheek, then down the long white neck, nipping, licking, and sucking along the way until he reached the junction with her shoulder.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck, taking a deep breath, calming himself while holding her in a crushing embrace.

And then, he felt them. The small white hands, that were never good at delicate tasks, tugged at his pants.


An unwelcome thought….. He pushed it away.

To stop her, he seized her round bottom cheeks in his hands, lifted her as she held back a cry of surprise and strode to the bed where he laid her down. He followed, towering over her.

“Oh…..” she exhaled as she looked up at him.



“Your body needs…. preparation to be ready to receive me.”

“…….!” She blushed.

“This is so we can both enjoy the experience…..”

She nodded shyly.

He kissed her again while his right hand caressed her waist, slowly making its way up.

In sync, his mouth and hand were each moving towards the soft and luscious breasts.

Reaching his goal, he took the pearled pink nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his teeth and tongue while his hand caressed the other, enjoying its weight and fullness in his hand. It fit perfectly as if made for him.

Eyes closed, Tara arched her back, small moans escaping her swollen lips, her hands digging in the sheets each side of her head, asking for more.

Smiling, Kyle indulged her as he did himself, tending to each breast in turn. He stopped for a second, regaining control, and then blew on her moistened breasts.

“Ah!....” She yelped, surprised.

Smug, Kyle kissed her from her round shoulder to her temple and whispered:

“I hope this room is soundproof.”

“…… It’s not.”

He grinned wickedly, eyes flashing.

“Better be quiet then….”

Tara squinted at him.


Chuckling, Kyle started his ministrations again, as her breath hitched and she hissed a little.

But soon, her moans filled the room again, moans she tried to quiet down as he explored her body slowly and attentively, looking forward to every shiver, every sound, every gasp she made.

Reaching her lower abdomen, he felt them under his calloused hands and lips.


He stopped.

Tara looked at him and paled a little. She pushed herself up, scuttling away but Kyle seized her thighs and pulled her back to him.

Her breath hitched.

Under her anxious and saddened gaze, Kyle slowly trailed his index along the marks on her abdomen, then both his hands slid down her right leg, removing her garter in one slow and fluid motion.

He stroked both thighs where more stretch marks marred her ivory skin, especially at the hip joint.

Then, deliberately, he bent down and kissed the marks under her navel.

“Battle scars…..”

Tara stroked his hair and cupped his cheek.

He kissed her palm.

She smiled softly.

Then her eyes darkened. Understanding, Kyle kneeled and gently pulled off the lace underwear.

His breath caught as his gaze roamed her whole body.

‘I knew my eyes weren’t wrong…..’


He caressed her long white legs from ankle to thigh. Digging in the soft skin and toned flesh, he spread them open and settled himself in between.

He looked up at her, as she gazed at him through her eyelashes, in a falsely relaxed state. He felt her anticipation as she literally vibrated under his hands.

The scent of her arousal surrounded him, setting his nerves afire.

He quivered.

Still kneeling between her legs, he leaned forward and kissed her slowly, savouring her mouth, one hand roaming her alluring body.

Again, he honoured her breasts, teasing them until she moaned softly, one hand descending lower and lower.

So warm.

He slightly dipped his finger in between the folds, moistening it just enough to then tease her bud.

Tara trembled under the caress, her hips curving as she muffled a cry of pleasure in the crook of her elbow.

Kyle wanted more. She had to become undone in his arms. A complete surrender of the senses, he wouldn’t settle for less.

He lowered himself while kissing and caressing her along the way, His finger still inflicting its delightful torment as Tara started undulating her hips, instinctively setting her own rhythm.

Kyle grabbed her waist with one hand, settling her. Tara’s eyes flew open, dazed in bliss.

Locking his gaze with hers, he slowly inserted a finger.

Liquid heat.

His finger eagerly but carefully searched for that one spot that would result in ultimate felicity.


Tara’s body jolted.

‘Found it’.

He inserted a second finger moving them inside her, soliciting her body to respond.

She started arching and writhing, instinctively searching for the climax that would give her release, but Kyle wasn’t finished. This wouldn’t be enough for her to completely lose herself.

Without stopping his current ministration, he moved back and laid down between her thighs, her intoxicating fragrance invaded his nose as he licked his lips in anticipation.

Glistening like a flower covered in morning dew, it drew him like a magnet. He wanted to, no! Needed to taste it.

And so, he did.


Tara gripped his hair, tugging and pressing down in turn unconsciously.

Kyle couldn’t help but growl and nipped her bud in response, making her whimper and moan at the same time.


He exchanged places between his fingers and his tongue, tasting her fully, while his other hand crept up to caress her breast while holding her down.

Her delectable flavour coated his mouth and tongue. He felt drunk.

Her cries were getting more frequent as her legs tensed around him, her hands tightening their grip.

Her whole body started quaking, ready to climax.

Kyle exchanged between his fingers and mouth again, finding her sweet spot in seconds. Her inner heat rose around his digits as he sucked and licked her.

“……Kyle!” She moaned

‘So close now…..’

He felt it coming. A slight tightening around his fingers, premise to the upcoming wave.

He pulled himself back up, as he wanted to imprint her first climax in his memory.

Tara’s eyes were barely open as she shook her head, her skin flushed, panting breaths alternating with small moans and cries, her hands gripping the pillow on each side of her head.

Her body tensed even more as her shallow breathing became ragged and her toes curled.

Then Tara inhaled sharply, holding her breath as her body swerved.

The wave broke.

Kyle caught her scream in a deep kiss. He shivered and groaned as her inner heat exploded around his fingers.

For a second, he thought he might climax as well.

His tongue darted in her mouth, following the rhythm of the surges that clenched his fingers as she trembled and spasmed.

She opened her eyes, blissfully sated from the orgasm he’d given her. Then, she seemed to realise he was there.

She smiled.


His desire skyrocketed.

He jumped out of bed.


Quickly, he removed his pants and briefs and sighed.

He felt her eyes on him.

He turned towards her, letting her take a good look at him as he did to her as she lay in a languid pose.

She smiled suggestively, beckoning him.


He slowly made his way to the bed, taking in the wondrous sight of his satiated lover in abandon.

His breathing became frayed and rough as he felt the point of no return dawning over them.

He loomed over her, his arms slightly trembling, sweat moistening his skin.


“Hmm?” She answered, still a bit hazy.


Her eyes widened then her expression became serious as she replied:

“I’ve been taking it since I knew I was going to be sent to Durban.”

He sighed in relief.

Though he also took contraception as a precaution, it was better for both to be protected, since there had been cases of failure, especially with Aurore users.



“Again…. Together.”


The unwelcome thought came back. But this time, he couldn’t set it aside so easily. The possibility was infinitesimal, but he couldn’t help the doubt that crept in his mind.

“Kyle?” She frowned.

He shook his head, clearing it from that thought.

“Tara, despite everything I’ve done, it might still be painful for you”.

She tilted her head slightly and grinned.

“……. It’s fine. I’m stronger than I look.”

He dipped his head and kissed her shoulder, slowly making his way up again until he captured her swollen red lips.

She caressed him, her small hands drifting all over his torso and his back sending shivers down his spine. One of her nails grazed his nipple and he hissed.

She smirked; her eyes alight.

‘I can’t take this anymore.’

He pushed himself back, looking down where his erection met her moistness.

He put his forearm under her buttocks and lifted her hips.

Tara gasped in surprise as her legs naturally spread open.

Kyle used his other hand to guide himself in.

Slowly, he pushed in, her inner fire almost too much to bear…… Until he felt resistance.

He looked up at her, guilt filling him.

“I’m sorry…..” He whispered.

She looked at him, opened her arms, inviting, and smiled.

“It’s all right.”

And he dived in.



She hissed and tensed.

“Are you alright?” He managed to ask after a few seconds.

She nodded, trying to hide her pain.

Repentant, and despite his loins screaming for release, Kyle took time to let her get used to his shape, caressing and kissing while whispering sweet nothings.

Tara started moving her hips, spurring him on.

He grabbed her firm bottom in his hands and set the pace.

He bathed in her heat and the aroma of her previous climax.

Her body was putty in his hands as she welcomed him like nobody ever had before, arousing him like nothing else ever could.

A strong emotion swelled inside him, but his physical need damped it before it could crystalize in a coherent thought.

He grunted under the effort of restraining his climax, as he wanted them to do it together.

Tara followed him. Her instincts took over as she undulated her hips and circled him with her legs bringing him closer.

He took the invitation to dive deeper in her, filling her completely.

‘Damn it…..’

Her soft cries of delight that she muffled as best she could while their bodies whispered as he plunged in her repeatedly; her core gripping him in its tight embrace…..

….. Their rugged breaths, the sweat he felt running down his back and pearling on her body and finally, both their arousals mixing in into a wild fragrance permeating the room…..

His senses were overwhelmed.

He couldn’t think anymore. Only sensations remained. And he lost himself to them.

His pace accelerated and hardened.

Each thrust brought him closer to the brink. He wanted these moments to last forever, and needed to bring them to a close, less he would lose all reason.

Then, Tara’s arms flew around his back as she pulled him close, her nails digging in his skin.

He hissed under the unexpected burning sensation done by the scratches running down his shoulders and back as she kept pulling him to her, silently pleading for a tighter embrace.

He jerked then froze when she grabbed his hair at the back of his head with both hands and invaded his mouth, her tantalizing tongue exploring it mercilessly, her luscious lips sucking on his and her sharp teeth nipping at his bottom lip playfully. He heard a deep groan coming from somewhere before realizing it was him.

She pulled back, leaving them both breathless.

“.... Don’t…. stop…..!” She panted eyes wild with exhilaration.


Kyle lost it.

He crushed her to him. She let out a small cry of pain, but he couldn’t hear it anymore.

He dove deep into her and held himself there, letting them feel each other to the fullest, undulating his hips, exploring her core while imprinting her shape and feel in his memory.


Tara’s whimpers of pleasure intensified as she started undulating as well, her small hands clasping his lower back to pull him in even deeper.

Kyle growled and went feral.

He seized her wrists and trapped them over her head in one hand.

Her breath caught.

He ravaged her mouth relentlessly while pulling up her left leg on his shoulder.

He drove into her, his pace becoming frantic as he felt her tighten around him and her fire rising even more.

He witnessed Tara enraptured, eyes closed, her fingers trying to grip the pillow but unable to as he held her hands captive.

Her body tensed all around him as her small cries became more high pitched and ragged.

Her eyes flew open, and she looked straight at him as her climax broke.

He rode her orgasmic swells, his whole body taut, veins bulging on his arms and neck, straining to make this moment last…..

Then…. Something unexpected rose within him.


His Aurore flared, totally out of his control. It rushed through him like a tsunami, almost painful in the unbelievable felicity that followed…..

….. But it didn’t stop there, it transferred to Tara, as she was just ending her climax.

Her whole being jerked as her eyes widened to the fullest under the shock. She just had time to clasp her hands over her mouth before screaming his name as she immediately came again, her body arching back, lifting Kyle up.

Kyle was lost in a maelstrom of ecstasy as release flooded him. His Aurore was intensifying everything tenfold, pulsing in sync with his orgasm, sending them both through the acme of pleasure again and again.

The world went dark as his consciousness started to fade, leaving nothing but this moment between an instant and eternity as his body shook under the strain of his Aurore coupling with his climax.

He couldn’t even utter a sound, head back, his mouth open in a silent scream as he clung to Tara’s waist digging his fingers into her soft flesh.

As darkness took him and he began to fall, a last wave, more intense than all others combined, sparked him back into consciousness in a flash of blinding light.

Utterly spent; he barely managed to avoid crushing Tara under his weight and caught himself.

She gently pulled him close in a soft but quivering embrace. He nestled his head in the crook of her neck, breathing heavily, his mind blank as she lazily stroked the nape of his neck and hair.

Slowly, he came back to his senses.

He’d heard from his Aurore Master years ago that what had just occurred was possible, but he never really gave any credence to it, thinking it was more folktale than fact.

Called “la petite mort,” ** it was an Aurore enhanced orgasm that made one experience both death and birth in the space of an instant.

Never, even in his wildest dreams, did he even contemplate living this experience.

He chuckled inwardly.

‘And to think I wanted her to surrender this time….. It seems that, once again, it’s me…..’

Writer’s Note:

* The sentences above come directly from chapter 265 of the novel. I chose these as the starting point to my fanfic so it could be coupled with the novel as a direct follow.

** “La petite mort” means ‘the small death’ in French. It’s actually a thing. It is an orgasm so intense, it makes you blackout for a second, thus the name it was given in France. I chose this on purpose since there are quite a few French references in Munirang’s novel.

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Mar 17

Wow! Your writing is legendary, Thamalasca!! From the way you phrase sentences to the choice of words to the pacing, everything was excellently written. If this was how they spent their night (we are making it official now y'all).. No, only if they spent their night like this, I take it.

On a little side note, you have mentioned he had an Aurore Master but as far as we know, the one who showed him the sword was his mother, and since she belongs to a warrior family which makes me think she was herself an Aurore Master as well: might you have actually implied here that he heard it from his mother, but it would be so weird to…

Replying to

Thank you for your kind words and sorry for the late reply, I don't get notified when there are comments for some reason... (note to self to sort that out....) The Aurore Master I'm refering to isn't his mother, though it could have been. It's a character that I created just for the fanfic.....

I'll let you in on a little secret... This Aurore Master will make its appearance in a future fanfic that's brewing in the back of my mind.

Glad you liked my fanfic. 😄


Apr 27, 2023

Nossa muito bom! 😍

Não ficou vulgar em nenhum momento...

Teve algum embasamento para a parte da aurore?

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

Wow, very good! 😍 It never got vulgar... Did you have any background for the aurore part? (Translated from Portugese)

I'm glad you liked it!

I'm not sure what you mean about backgroud for the Aurore part...

If it is about how it transfered to Tara, then you have a precedent in the novel in chapter 184.

If it is about 'la petite mort', it's a quite well known french thing. But is essentially used for men's ultimate orgasms, not women's.

If it is about something else, please let me know and I'll try my best to answer!


Indomitable Jewels
Indomitable Jewels
Apr 26, 2023

Screamworthy! Kudos for the style, love it! Also I adore the reference to stretch marks, I've been ever so slightly irked by the fact that Tara seemingly managed to escape all the pitfalls of dropping 60 kilos in a year.

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!


Sep 26, 2022

Omg!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaa! I can't. This is too good.

Sep 30, 2022
Replying to

Glad you liked it!


Sep 01, 2022

Oh wow! This one is really long (no dirty innuendo here😭). Thank you so much for fulfilling all of our fantasies hehe. It was also really well written and exactly and I would have imagined how their night went ~~

Also, the stretch marks 🥺 and Kyle’s beautiful words to her following made me emotional for some time during the heat of the situation. I love how you added that! The truth is, after extreme weight loss, stretch marks do remain and I love how you approached the subject 💕. And yes, Tara is definitely one muscular lady! Have you seen those arms 😍

The aurore orgasm makes me kinda laugh 😂😂 I mean, Kyle literally almost passed out due…

Sep 01, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much for this long (no innuendo entended! LOL) comment! I'm glad you liked it and I feel honored that you would forget that this wasn't written by our favorite author, it is a very nice compliment!

Also, I just could not bring myself to "defile" Kyle and Tara's relationship with vulgar and raunchy words. It would have shown, in my opinion, great disrespect to them both and I love them too much for that. Plus, I really think it would not suit them at all.

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