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The Race to 200th!

Updated: Sep 30

The Race is on!

Hello fellow ISTDF Fans! Thama's Edits Team here.

We are very close to our 200th Edited Chapter ! Yay! To celebrate yet another milestone, we've been working hard to bring you........

10 Chapters in 10 days!

(maybe even more!)

Starting with Chapter 48 that has just been published, over the next 10 days at least, you'll get one chapter a day!

But wait! There's more!

  1. Fanfic by one of our readers will be published

  2. Polls for you to vote and comment on.

  3. Favourite Character Poll - Top three will get fanart and/or a short fanfic

And anything you, our readers, wish to contribute to this momentous occasion!

(We will be checking our mail box regularly or you can ask here, in the comment section, for Guest Writer rights if you wish to create your post.)

Since the novel is a total of 346 chapters long we are over the halfway mark now.

We hope you continue to follow us on this fun and crazy journey and enjoy every minute of it!

With all our love,

Thama's Edits Team

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