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Unexpected feelings

Fanfic: Written by me (Thamalasca).

As others it isn't canon but does contain canon elements.

To understand it, you have to read chapter 185 first and even maybe re-read it quickly before, to savour this sweet short moment I imagined between our two main protagonists.

Rated: 13+

Premice: Wedding night

Unexpected feelings

Kyle grabbed the dark grey silk bathrobe from the back of the chair. While putting it on and tying it loosely around his waist, his eyes gazed at the double doors that lead to the bedroom.

‘Is she going to be waiting for me, or will I be waiting for her?’

Both possibilities would be interesting to experience, and he felt his anticipation rise at the prospects, his heart thudding in his chest.

Passing his hand through his hair exactly the way she liked it, he grinned, wondering what kind of negotiation she was going pull off this time. She never surrendered easily…

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to the bedroom.

She was there.

Standing still in the middle of the bedroom, wearing a thick white cotton bathrobe that looked to big for her, her wavy waist length crimson hair free, Tara turned towards him and smiled.

Stunned by it, he just stood there, engraving the vision before him in his memory.

‘She’s barefoot’ came the abstract thought.

Tara tilted her head and raised an eyebrow in an all too familiar way, reflecting his own habit, and stared back at him, mirth sparkling in her eyes.

Shaking himself, Kyle finally moved towards his now wife. This was to be their first official night together.

He finally stood before the woman he loved more than he ever thought possible.

Tara looked up at him, her eyes shining with joy, anticipation, and a little mischief….

And Kyle found himself overwhelmed by a sudden unknown and unexpected feeling.

What was this feeling that stopped him from making any gesture towards her? Why did he feel inadequate and small as he faced this amazing woman?

Bluntly honest sometimes, generous to a fault, stronger than she let on, both in body and spirit, though reckless, which frightened him to no end, he still couldn’t believe she was finally his.

But why were his hands trembling? Why was his heart beating so loudly, making his ears ring? Why did he have this weird impression that he was… blushing?

Still silent, Tara’s expression changed slowly from mischief to puzzled and then understanding.

A new expression Kyle never thought he’d witness, especially directed at him, blossomed on her face.


His breath hitched and he swallowed, now frightened to lose this exceptional moment.

Tara lowered her eyes, and her small white hands grabbed his own.

“Put your hand here….” she said, settling his left hand on her waist.


She looked up at him again, her expression still so tender, Kyle’s knees almost gave away.

Understanding dawned on him as he cleared his throat and whispered:


Tara’s smile grew.

“Well, you can’t wrap your arms around my neck in the first place….”

Kyle’s left hand clenched her waist in response, and he stared into those clear spring green eyes that looked back at him intently.

Her left hand came to rest on his cheek as she tilted her head.

“Are you scared?” she asked softly.


“There’s nothing to be afraid of……” she whispered as her hand left his cheek and settled on his nape, pulling him down as she went up on her toes.

Then, her full lips a mere inch away from his, she grinned impishly and said:

“It’s been a while….”

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