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100th Edited Chapter Celebration!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Hello my Fellow ISTDF Fans! Thamalasca here!

Back in february 2022 when I started on my lonesome editing chapters I never could have imagined how things would change in a mere 6 months.

Now we are a team of 4 and my 3 wonderful musketeers helped me more than I can express to make this website come to life.

So first I'd like you all to thank the following people whom without I surely wouldn't have made it this far:

Sam: the first to join me and help me grab chapters on KKP and who has learned to edit from scratch.

Rina: Our native english speaker from across the ocean whom is an editing machine and really helps us with our grammar and verb tenses. (especially me.... ^ ^!)

Aiten: Our raw provider and heart and soul of this little group. Her support is invaluable.

We've calculated that Chapter 220 is the 100th Chapter and it is Sam who's having the immense pleasure of editing it. (She's been so looking forward to it, you can't imagine...)

Now to celebrate this milestone for our small but tightknit community, we have a few prezzies for you all.

1. The day Chapter 220 is published you will also get a (steamy!) fanfic written by me.

2. The next day, you will get a double release of Chapters 221 and 222.

3. And.... If we can, the next day we will publish chapters 223 and 224 which will also bring our Phase One to a close and the end of the Reese Castle Arc.

Thank you all, Fellow Fans, for your support over the last 6 months and I hope that you will continue to enjoy this editing journey with us.

With Love


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