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Chapter 157

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

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Where Kyle gets a clue about the whereabouts of the 28th mercenary group and introduces Tara as his Second Aide (the 28th mercenary group are the ones who killed his mother when he was 15).


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Episode 157. About 10 months (34) The 28th. A murderous aura emanated from Kyle’s body the moment Chris said that number. “Where?” “In Chase Hill, about 100 kilometers west of the capital, inside Viscount’s Chase’s castle” Kyle leapt to his feet and immediately marched to his office. Chris continued to explain while keeping up with his master’s long strides. “Viscount Chase? He’s connected to the Toulouse family." "Yes. Look, Your HIghness.” Kyle’s eyes narrowed as he unfolded the letter that Chris handed over. [Hawk nose, bald. One arm. He’s a sword user in his early 60s. Lives in the Chase Castle as a castle maintenance supervisor. A member of the Chase Order. Presumed to have been a mercenary commander there 12 years ago. Please check it out. - Mark Edman of the local reconnaissance unit.] “Go and get Walter, Nick, and the butler.” Kyle’s Aurore burst out around him only to disappear just as quickly. Reluctantly, Chris moved away and did as he was told. Kyle closed his eyes and took a deep breath, rubbing his stiff neck. The Aurore condensed in his body was on the brink of running wild.

“Don’t get worked up.” Once Kyle had calmed himself, the energy in his body regained its usual balance. ‘If it’s 100km away, it’ll be a two-day trip. I'll be back at dawn.’ Kyle looked at the reports and papers piled up on his desk and quickly sorted them based on importance. Then, he approved five military operations and three activity expenses requests for investigations led by the Ministry of Security. "Your Highness, did you call?" Just as he had finished the task, Walter, Chris, Nick, and Humphrey Morgan, Prince Kyle’s middle-aged butler, entered the office. Each of them was nervous.

"Walter, what's my schedule for today and tomorrow?" Usually, Nick, Walter and Chris oversaw the managing of his schedule on an annual basis, but this year, Walter had taken over the management. The reason why a knight was doing the task that an assistant should do was simple. Kyle didn't have an assistant. In addition to this simple reason, the nature of their work often pertained to secrecy, and since they traveled all over the Empire, it was easier to entrust them with the duties of an assistant. “There’s a luncheon today at 12 o’clock with the relocating Phoenix Knights, followed by a visit to the security guard training at 2 o’clock. At 4 o’clock, a discussion is scheduled for the constitution of a council for the Talent Training System, during which several members of the Royalist faction are expected to attend. Your Highness said that this was important because you had personally planned it on the last day of the Hunting Contest. After a light dinner, there is a surprise inspection of the Metropolitan Police Department’s prison at 8 o’clock. And at 10 o’clock, Sir Kezak will make a brief visit.” Nick nearly whistled 'have mercy' upon hearing Kyle’s busy schedule. However, it did not end there. “You’ve agreed to join the Capital Army’s morning drill at 6 a.m. tomorrow and you have a meeting with the superintendents of the Metropolitan Police Department at 10 o’ clock. Then, at 12 o’clock, there’s a luncheon with officials of the Central Security Department in the Capital. Andrei told me it wasn’t certain, so my understanding is that the Black Society investigation team will viist early.” “After that?” “When you return to the palace at 7 p.m., an Imperial dinner is scheduled which you will not attend, and I’ve reported and posted that. However, His Majesty the Emperor asked you to attend as it is a meeting with the Imperial Family who participated in the Hunting Contest.” "His Majesty must’ve told you to tell me exactly what he said." "His Majesty spoke with that intent." “I made the decision. His Majesty must’ve said, ‘Say it as it is.’” "Hahaha… I… That is…" A cold sweat ran down Walter's back. It was nearly spring, but he felt like he was engulfed in mid-winter’s bitter cold. "Say it!" “Yes, Your Highness. His Majesty said this, ‘You rotten bastard. Pretending to be unavailable, if you don't attend this time, I'll do whatever I want. Don’t make me do this!’” The corners of Nick’s and Chris’ lips twitched at the same time, then returned to their original positions instantly. “… I get it. Walter. Re-schedule the discussion related to the Talent Training System to 4 o’clock two days from now. Go to each member's office, explain it as a confidential incident, and ask for their understanding. All the other schedules will be held without me, and the meeting with the Black Society investigation will be delayed by four days. If their schedule does not match, find a new one and let me know.” "Yes, Your Highness." “All the other plans for tomorrow are private. Nick, you’re going to Chase Hill with me. Prepare in the same way as you did for Gallon d'Or in 30 minutes. It’s a secret, so don’t reveal your identity.” "Yes, Your Highness." “Walter and Chris stay here. Chris, fulfill your duties, and Walter coordinate the schedule until tomorrow, and set my planning and tasks for in two days, excluding the top secrets.” "Understood, Your Highness. Until when do I take care of the schedule?” “All the upcoming schedules will be taken care of.” "What? Your Highness, may I ask how?" "It’ll be taken over." Walter, who was taking notes, raised his head in amazement. "Yes… What? Then is Chris in charge of the schedule this year?" He asked. Since Chris was next in turn to be assistant, Walter thought it was him. “No, starting tomorrow, a new assistant, Tara Elias will come. So, hand it over to her, the 2nd Aide.” “…!” The First and Third Prince had six aides each. The number of aides for the Empress was four, and the Emperor had about ten. Considering that the rest of the Imperial family also had one or two aides, the fact that the Second Prince did not have one was quite unusual. That was why the mention of a new assistant was enough to surprise the butler and the three Knight Commanders. Everyone's eyes widened, but Nick’s the most. "Wow. Scribe Elias is very good at her job. I noticed that when she was my assistant during the Hunting Contest, and she was not far behind the veteran assistants below me. I regretted not seeing her that much, but now that we can work together again... Ouch!” Chris stomped on Nick’s toes. Nick looked to the side because of the pain and saw Chris slowly shaking his head as a warning. It was then that Nick realized that he had been talking for far too long despite the dire situation and immediately shut his mouth. Kyle glanced at Nick's grimacing face and added two words. “Second Assistant.” “Yes, Your Highness. I will take responsibility and teach her how to take over.” Chris and Walter wondered why Prince Kyle suddenly wanted to have Tara Elias by his side but didn't ask. It was clear that because of his rambling, Nick would normally have to run at least 50 laps around the gymnasium, but due to the urgent situation that the report on the 28th caused, he escaped punishment. They could only assume that Kyle had come to appreciate Tara Elias’ capabilities after they had discussed the Talent Training System together during the Hunting Contest. But Nick, unaware of Chris and Walter's thoughts, was still going on about the topic. “She's pretty good, but… It’s very surprising news that Tara Elias has become an Aide to the throne without experience, Your Highness. Of course, the Elias family has chosen your side, but that doesn’t mean they’ve made it. I didn’t even know you’d take Lady Tara… Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?” A fierce fire blazed in Chris and Walter's eyes, harbouring a warning. 'Shut your mouth, Nick Bright! You bastard!' Unfortunately, Nick did not understand their non-verbal communication. However, the Second Prince, who knew how to deal with it, rubbed his chin and answered right away. “You get a lot if you have an Aide. What is it that you get, Nick?” Excited about the Second Prince's question, who tolerated his words, Nick confidently answered. “Basically, you get a good Aide. You will be able to achieve smooth communication with the Elias… Are you there?” “Walter, tell me.” “Second Assistant Tara Elias is a disciple of the Black Society. Therefore, information from the Black Society can also be used to our advantage.” "Yes." This time Chris answered. “It’s not just about having a profitable position. Her ability to solve problems when they arise is quite good. His Highness places great importance on nurturing talented people. I think she’s the right person for him." "Yes. She’s broad-minded, which is rare. Not only that…” Even after a while, Kyle did not speak. He seemed to be deep in thought, but there was no way of knowing what he was thinking about. Perhaps he had been smiling, but it was so brief, so Walter thought he might’ve misunderstood it. "Is there anything else?" “No. The butler should organize the aide’s office next door by tomorrow so she can use it.” “Yes, Your Highness.” Adjacent to his office was the Aide's office, which had no desks, only a bookshelf with documents. Since the 2nd Prince didn’t have a personal Aide ever since he entered the palace, it was only natural that the Aide’s office was unused. “She’ll take most basic tasks, excluding the First Aide tasks.” “Yes, Your Highness. The takeover will be completed by the time you come back.” *** There were several officials of the Ministry of Finance in the Third Prince's Palace. It was actually a shallow plot to let Hans' visits remain undetected under the guise of the Third Prince promoting and a 'select few' who congratulated themselves on their good fortune while having refreshments served in the parlor. Thump. Thump. A heavy iron seal hit the wall and fell to the floor. It was a mere 2 cm away from Hans’ face, who remained unfazed. “Hahaha. A Crown Princess Selection? Fuck!" Joseph shook his head wildly, gulping down the wine, fully aware it was only midday. ‘I thought it was going to be a little different for my brother. Where's this situation going?’ Hans stared quietly, waiting for Joseph to calm down while he indulged in alcohol.

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Oh, wow, following his mother's example, now Prince Joseph started throwing stuff at people.


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Thank you so much for the translation/clear & accessible novel !!!!

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