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Chapter 166

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

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Where Kyle suffers the consequences of rejection and the Emperor has a chat with his First Aide, Viscount Allen.


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Episode 166. About 10 months (43) I sighed with relief only after coming down alone. I was satisfied though. I was sure he accepted my rejection since he said he understood. Now there was no reason to worry about this problem anymore. Then what was this bad feeling? I rejected him, but it didn't feel like it was over. Oh. I didn't know. I already said it. Besides, he was getting married soon! Oh, no. I forgot to talk about this earlier. Didn't he choose to marry another woman? But why was he doing this to me? Were dating and marriage separate subjects? What was he thinking? Oh, come on, come on. It was over. I shouldn't think about it anymore. I shook my head and climbed the carriage steps. "Why are they?" Asked Bernard, gesturing to the Knights of the Phoenix behind the wagon with his chin. "Basic manners.” "What?" "No, never mind. Let's just go, Bernard. I'm tired." When I said I was tired, Bernard immediately signaled the carriage. The carriage departed for the mansion, Bernard and the Knights of the Phoenix following suit. It was called basic manners, but no matter how much I thought about it, it was too much courtesy for a Second Aide of the Administrative Office to receive. *** Kyle sat in the hot water, relieving his fatigue. His body was warm, but his head was colder than ever. "... It’s a complete rejection." Kyle calmly analyzed the situation while gazing at the calm water surface. Should he give up on Tara, who said she didn't have any feelings? If not, was it worth it? "Ha... It's not like that. Yes. I'm not the kind of person who will judge whether it’s worthwhile or not." A low, hollow voice echoed in the bathroom. Her smiling profile as she was undoing the side clasps of his armor. Then the moment she looked up at him and asked if he was alright…

Immediately, his heart ached and thudded in his chest. "Damn it. What’s happening to me...?" These astonishingly unfamiliar emotions made Kyle bewildered and confused.

But they also comforted him, that they were real and intact despite her refusal. "I'll have to...” It was time to think slowly and carefully. ‘Is this a game with little chance of success? No, I just need to increase the probability. How?’ He couldn't think of anything. Kyle had never spent so long thinking seriously about solving a single problem. This was a first for him. A battlefield would be easier. "But since I haven't slept for two days, there's no way I can think properly." However, he was not the type of person who couldn’t think simply because he hadn't slept for 2 days.

This was embarrassing. He was nervous that he couldn't think of a way, but he didn't doubt that he would soon find a solution. "Yes, I’ll sleep on it. I’m sure it will come to me tomorrow. I suppose…” Whoosh! Kyle quickly sank his head under water. *** That same night. Imperial Palace, Boudoir. Viscount Allen Godfrey, the Emperor's First Aide, unfolded and read the document, 'Recommendations from the Empresses’ House' issued by Empress' palace. “Your Majesty, this is the list from the Empress. Would you like to see it for yourself?" The Emperor, who was being massaged while smelling scented candles, nodded despite his annoyance. "Even if Kyle hasn't set a date yet... I can't believe I'm already excited.” Then he closed his eyes and pondered the situation for a while. Opening his eyes, he asked about the list. "How many candidates are there?" "Three recommended by the Empress' Imperial Palace, and three recommended by the Imperial Cabinet." The tongue-tied Emperor changed his position to the side and asked. "I understand that the Imperial Cabinet and the Empress are on the same boat... Yes, except for the rest of the beggars, from which families are the young ladies pushed by the Empress?" "There's no information from the Secretary's Office yet." "Allen, don't you have any personal information?" "Oh, I was going to tell you when my information was identical to the Secretary’s Office, Your Majesty." "Well, most of your information is correct anyway. Go ahead and tell me." "Yes, Your Majesty," The Imperial Palace had countless eyes and ears. However, few brought proper information. Also, it was unclear whether they were getting information solely for him, so the Emperor didn’t trust the information that came from there and filtered it. Fortunately, the information from Allen's team was quite reliable. ‘I heard that the arrogant author of that book was the head of the information organization, and that Allen was his disciple... I think?’ The book that the Emperor thought of was Andrei's book, 'To Be a Monarch.' "I have Lady Rose Anton, Duke Anton’s granddaughter recommended by the Empress. She’ll be 20 years old this year." "While the Anton family opposes the Second Prince's agenda every time? Oh, my God. Toulouse knows no shame. Go on." "Yes. She made her social debut last year and received a lot of proposals, but she's quite famous in society for refusing all of them." The Emperor turned to the other side and listened. "Really? And?" "And one of the ladies recommended by the Imperial Cabinet is Lady Charlotte Haywood. She is 19 years old, and it is said that Her Majesty the Empress was very pleased with her outstanding beauty and aristocratic manners." "As far as I know, Count Haywood has no daughter. Doesn’t he have 14 sons?” "She’s an adopted daughter. She was originally Viscount Noel’s second daughter, who’s Count Haywood’s vassal, and she is quite famous in her province.” "He’s trying to get a seat in parliament. By the way, the Empress is quite in a hurry. I've just issued the decree, but she sent proposals even before I set a date. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. She knows full well that the Second Prince will not tolerate this kind of pressure to set a date." "It seems that Toulouse and, by extension, the Empress, who were tarnished by the disclosure of confidential information, are trying to restore their position. After all, the Crown Princess Selection is the greatest tool to demonstrate her power. Since the Toulouse’s power has been questioned, she wants the selection to happen as soon as possible.” "Whatever the Empress intends, the sooner the Second Prince chooses, the better. Whoever it is, the spouse's family will be the pillar supporting him, Allen." "Yes, Your Majesty." "Let’s have the ladies from the Royalists and the Aristocracy selected in advance as well. We need to find decent opponents to the Empress’s marriage prospects." "Yes, Your Majesty. Both Elias’ and Kezak’s eldest daughters are unmarried. I'll check with the Royalists to find suitable candidates as soon as possible.” "… Allen." Allen, who was about to leave, turned around at the Emperor’s call.

He walked up close to him. "The Second Prince is a little strange these days." "How so, Your Majesty?" "How should I put it? Hmm. What should I say? The right word is... Oh, yeah! He’s human!" "What?"

"Only a few months ago, it was impossible to grasp what he was thinking or what emotion he was feeling, but recently, how should I say it? A little of his feelings slip through. What do you think?" "I don't feel that much has changed.” "Really? I guess it's because he's changed a little. But I must have been more sensitive than you because I'm his father." "In what way did you feel so?" "At the end of this Hunting Contest, I felt something strange from the moment he accepted the Crown Princess Selection." "Let's take a look at the changes that have taken place around Kyle." "Yes, yes, and send him an order in my name to choose the Selection date as soon as possible." "… Shall we hear the edict, Your Majesty?" "I'm going to push him. Strangely enough, his judgment seemed to have failed him this time, so we should take advantage of it, or else I'll never see any grandchildren.”

"Yes, Your Majesty, you have amazing insight." "Well, that kind of flattery is the best when it comes from you. Hehehehehehe." Obviously, the second Prince has some ulterior motive to use this decree.

‘What the hell are you up to?’

The Emperor had no way of knowing but didn’t intend to lose this opportunity. He thought his intuition was quite on point. Thanks to the Second Prince trying to use the system to his advantage, he would accept the decree without difficulty this time. *** "Where is this?" It seemed to be a battlefield camp. The foggy camp was blurred and hard to see. The only thing Kyle could recognize was the barrack leaking yellow light. As he opened the tent flap and went inside, he saw someone curled up, sleeping on the bed. ‘Who?’ As he got closer, he discerned a woman’s body. It was Tara. It was the same way she had dozed off waiting for him in the living quarters of his temporary accommodation on the hunting grounds. [Why are you so late, Your Highness?] [... What?] [I've been waiting for a long time. Did you finish your work with the scouts, Your Highness?] He couldn't believe she waited for him. Then, she smiled brightly and approached him. [... Did you wait for me?] As he stood there, she came up to him and naturally put her hand on his chest. Again, unbelievable words followed. [Of course.]

He looked down and saw her hands fiddling with his armor clasps. Tara was undoing the clasps with her small white hands… And it felt so natural to have her close. [Tara?] [Hmm, yes?] She looked up and grinned.

‘You’re smiling at me?’ [...] [Why are you silent after calling my name? I'm still busy...] He grabbed her arms carefully as he took a step closer. The soft sensations in his hands make his whole body tingle. He couldn't believe it. He kept looking at her smiling face as she lowered her gaze towards the clasps. Kyle couldn't take his eyes off her. Her scent spread softly around him. He felt half-drunk, or as if he was on drugs. ‘Haaa... You're crazy. Now you're dreaming...’ She never smiled or looked at him like that. She wasn't the type of woman who’d take this kind of initiative. If this had been reality, she would've been desperate to get away from him. He looked around, it wasn't much different from the barracks set up during the war. He often dreamt of being on the battlefield, but he'd never had a woman appear in his dream like this. The moment Kyle recognized that it was a dream, he began to focus on Tara, who was still undoing his armor joints. Just like what he saw last night. The graceful curve of her forehead, the slightly lowered eyes and the nose and lip lines. ‘Yes, because it's my dream.' Kyle raised Tara's chin. Her eyes widened. [I'll do it because it's a rare opportunity.] [What?] [This.]

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04 de mar.

*s i l e n t s c r e a m*




21 de abr. de 2023

Gotta appreciate a guy this in touch with his emotions, and honest about them, too.


29 de jan. de 2023

The classic dream scenario, and he’s taking full advantage!! On the one hand I am s c r e a m i n g. On the other oh my god? Having a dream because of unrequited feelings?? This baby ml is experiencing so many new emotions.


Yasss go with it since its only a dreammm 😂 oml he's such a hopeless romantic and i'm here for it

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