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Chapter 201

Updated: Mar 17

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Kyle acting coy... And Hans acting... scary.

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Episode 201. About 10 months (78)

Having come to that conclusion, I opened my mouth to refute him but immediately closed it again.

Then I went to his bedside and sat down gently.

It tickled my heart for some reason that this highly intelligent man was using such a cheap trick to keep me by his side.

Wouldn’t a typical transmigrated Korean protagonist just comply, even if they were aware of it?

Besides, I had decided to be brave, so I must keep my word.

Of course, my own selfish desire to see more of him acting like a languid cat also played a part.

"Hmm. Hmm. Well... Alright..."

Trying to avoid his gaze, I lifted the glass full of medicine and slowly brought it to his lips.

Were his lips always so full and defined? Why are they so vividly red...?

Swallowing, I lifted my eyes and met his gaze.


Oh my God!

The usually inscrutable gaze nestled in those almond shaped eyes rested on me with a very straight forward expression.

Oh... Was this room always this hot?

While resisting the desire to fan myself with my hands, I brought the glass to Kyle's red lips and tilted it to make it easier to drink from.

Then, slowly and gently, those lips started drinking.

His wet lips, soaked with medicine.

Without even looking, I knew that his gaze was fixed on my face the whole time.

After drinking the last drop, he removed his mouth from the glass. Then the bastard licked his lips with his luscious tongue.

Damn him...!

He quickly turned to me and asked in a very low, husky voice.

“So… when are you going to be brave?”

A loud alarm rang in my head, stunning me. When I came back to my senses, I was still staring at him.

His moist lips and half mast eyes captured my attention.

Making me answer as if spellbound:

"Thu... Friday."

"... What?"

This is insane!

I hurriedly waved my hands.

“Oh...! No, that's not it. I just blurted whatever came to mind. Well, I am a little embarrassed to learn that you heard my confession. But please don't rush me. I'm still confused and need to sort things out."

"Yes. Do whatever you want. Just being by your side right now is thrilling."

Don't talk so casually with such languid eyes! Please…

Again, I had to turn my head away and drink some water to hide my burning face.

I still felt his penetrating gaze on me.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to be in the same space as him, so I stood up. Kyle's hand gently grabbed my wrist.

"Didn't you just say that you weren't the type of person to lie about your physical condition? You said you couldn't move your arms. "

"I took some medicine."

Wow. So shameless.

I should have wanted to wipe that grin off his face.

Strangely though, it wasn’t a bad thing to see the man who’d always been aloof, suddenly show off a fox-like expression, with slitted eyes and a wide grin.

"I'll return after organizing your schedule for today. I also have to pack my luggage."


"Today is the last day of the business trip, and it's the day I return to the Capital. Oh! Is the business trip going to be extended by any chance?"

‘Hmm', he said, leaning his back against the headboard. He fell deep into thought while still not letting go of my wrist.

"Your Highness? My wrist."

"Oh, is it uncomfortable?"


"But I'm still a patient, so five more minutes."

"Oh my..."

Then he brazenly took my hand and slowly explained his plans.

"Tell Fred I want to see him in an hours' time. You'll be present as well."

My hand seemed so small in his. Again, I could feel myself blushing.

"Second aide?"

"Yes... Oh, yes."

I tried to look away from my hand caught in his, feeling awkward as my body stiffened.

Then a sudden thought crossed my mind.

"Ah! While you were sleeping, I talked about the homework. I explained it all to you. Do you remember that?"


"I... Then what is it? Do you only remember the confession?"

This was a careful question.


A straight-forward answer without hesitation.

"Wow, you have a very selective memory."

"Are you being sarcastic?"

"Oh, I didn't realize. I'll stop, I'm sorry...!"

He squeezes my hand tightly for a moment.


"Don't apologize. I don't mind it."

Oh my god.

Embarrassed, my mind went blank. Whether he was aware of my condition or not, he fortunately turned back to work-related topics.

"We'll talk about the task in detail when we are with Fred."

“You think I figured it out.”

"Of course, you have."

I felt the corners of my lips twitch. I forced myself to hold it in.

It felt good to be recognized.

In addition, he’d allowed me to participate in his meeting with Fred.

His instructions were intended to confirm that he had sent a signal to Fred through me, while also telling me what it pertained to.

"Has a messenger arrived from the Palace?"

"I'll check."

"I'm afraid I'll be behind schedule."

"If the messenger is here, you should use him to warn that you will be late for your personal schedule instead of sending him immediately back to the Palace."

He looked at me again and raised the corner of his lips.

"I regret not having an Aide before. Yes, put him on standby. The official schedule will be over by noon."

"Alright. Now that I know, I'll get ready..."

"Will you come with me, Tara?"


Early morning.

A long-deserted cottage hosted some unlikely visitors.

It was dark inside, as the tightly closed windows were barred shut with nailed wooden boards in an X-shape.

Fortunately, it wasn't suffocating thanks to the sunlight coming through some perforated bricks.

In the middle of the messy hut, a man was kneeling and bowing his head.

The man trembling all over was Donnie, owner of [Donnie's Gambling House].

Looking down at Donnie, Hans laughed pleasantly.

"The Madam really made such a request?" He asked using a civil tone.

"Yes, yes, she certainly did."

"It's really an interesting family, isn't it?"

He knew this was a rhetorical question, but Donnie was aware that his survival was at stake, so he answered, “Yes, yes,” while bowing his head even more.

"What can I do to make it even more entertaining?"

Hans hummed his favorite nursery rhyme: 'The Wolf and the Sheep.'

"Huh. What should I do...? This...? Hmmmm. Well, well..."

His humming filled the cabin. After doing it for quite some time, he rolled his eyes at the amazing thought that came to his mind.

"Hmm...! I just remembered!"


Hans stomped on the back of the man's hand, Donnie raised his head in surprise.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, My Lord! Whatever you ask me to do, I will do it, My Lord! Anything!"

"Hey... It's no fun if you’re scared like this. Do you think I'd kill you? I said I'd cut you. Hehe. You can live with a few missing pieces. Isn't that right, Harold?"

"Yes, Master. You can."

Standing in front of the door, Harold answered dryly while Donnie glanced at his eye-patch. This cowed him enough to make him bow his head until it almost hit the floor.

"I'll do anything!"

He slammed his forehead on the floor, heedless of the bleeding it might cause.

This person was on a different level from the low-ranking aristocratic trash he'd met so far.

He understood what fear was, and knew how to use it.

Whether it was related to family, money, physical or mental suffering, he was quick to find his opponent's deepest fear.

As soon as Donnie had been brought in, the man had pointed at the long coffin erected on the wall and said:


[What is this...?]

[I heard that, when you were a child, you were locked up in a coffin at a funeral.]

[How did you...?]

[It's a famous story that spread like wildfire. You must have been thrilled by the experience. So, I prepared a little present. I've drilled a few small holes so you can spend the rest of your life in it. Even while eating or sleeping! Hehe! It sounds like so much fun!]

That was all it took.

Looking down at Donnie, who was still shaking, Hans explained the plan step by step on how to survive and get out of the capital.

"Yes! Yes. Definitely. That day. Yes, Sir. I'll prepare everything, Sir."

“If you succeed, you will be rewarded.”

"Yes! Yes. Thank you, My Lord."

Knowing it was the only way for him to survive, Donnie repeated the plan he had told him to follow over and over again.


My eyes widened in surprise at the sudden question.

"Pardon? Where will I accompany you?"

"There is a 'Festival of the Earth' being held in Reese Castle in the South. I will stay just one night then I return to the Capital. I'll be going by carriage."

Thump. Thump.

"The Festival of the Earth...? Was your personal schedule there?"

"Yes. I'm meeting someone there."


Oh, my God! A Festival? Would it be like going to an amusement park? Then this is a request for a date!

As if nothing had happened, he kept holding my hand, as if it was completely natural, while he waited for my answer.

I also pretended to be fine despite the burning sensation my hand felt under his touch.

His light smile was annoying but, for a moment, his face showed a glimpse of anxiety.

The Second Prince was a Swordmaster and over 180cm tall.

This man competed for first and second place in all kinds of yearly rankings in the Imperial Newspapers.

This man, an expressionless person who saw me as a subordinate, and always engaged me in a battle of wits...

... Was anxiously waiting for a positive answer to come out of my mouth.

I never imagined I would be able to envision him as a big puppy one day.

He had always resembled a leopard, sitting on the highest rock, looking for and seizing opportunities.

If he judged you to be an enemy, he'd immediately bare his fangs and go for the jugular.

Always on edge, but aloof in his demeanor, as if he knew everything.

Always scrutinizing the other person.

Even if he knew his opponent's weaknesses, he'd sit leisurely on the sidelines and move according to his own interests.

Always in the lead.

He pretended to be calm, but if you looked closely, his gaze was more piercing than ever as he waited for my answer.

My heart kept pounding.

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