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Chapter 24

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Niels conveys a message to Prince Kyle, from Tara.

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Episode 24. 90 kg (11)

"No way. You want to deal with His Wicked Highness even though you fainted like that?"

"If you want to capture a tiger, you have to go to its den."

"Huh. Are you saying you're going to capture the Prince?"

"Heh. Yes. I'm going to capture and tame him. Now that I know how tricky of a tiger he is, I'll have to enter his cave and keep an eye on him."

"How come? If I was a noblewoman, I wouldn't care about the Administrator's Exam and live without worry. You know, as a recognized daughter of House Elias."

"I know. And I'd love to..."

"... Should I bring you some chocolate?"

My mouth started salivating for a second.

"... I'll eat after losing weight."


"That expression is a bit..."

Beth opened her mouth, then quietly left the room at my words with a sigh.

"Haa... Why do I have to be part of a family that is going to be destroyed? If I hadn't known we’re going to lose our heads, I could've played around and lived happily for a long time... Anyhow, that's of no use."


The next day, 6 a.m.

"... Alright. Deliver it directly to them!"

Knight Chris was surprised to see the seal on the envelope and quickly accepted it with both hands.

"Your Highness!"

Kyle was about to leave the annex after Chris had left.

"Your Highness! Your Highness! How dare he come in here to meet with you? He should be grateful that he wasn't punished, yet he's so rude and shameless!"

Seeing Nick rushing towards him, making a fuss, Kyle wondered if he had released him from the training grounds too early.

Nick was clearly dragging the young servant by the back of his neck, as if he had completely forgotten the punishment he had received yesterday.

"I know. I saw two shameless people this morning. Let go of him."

"Yes, Your Highness! By God, I will obey your command."

Haa... Why had he accepted him as his subordinate...

Kyle took a look at the young servant, Niels. He spoke clearly and politely when he greeted him.

Kyle thought she'd be crying in her room... It seemed she was stubborn.

Furthermore, she sent the servant who had been involved in yesterday's incident?

Alright. She wanted to prove herself.

<Look, Your Highness. Because of what happened yesterday, this child is now completely one of my people. Thanks to you.>

Curiously, it was as if he could see the confident smile of young Tara Elias.

"My Lady told me to deliver a message to His Highness."

The servant's eyes were full of passion. The eyes of someone who felt appreciated.

"Your Lady?"


"What made her think I'd grant you an audience?"

"She said you would listen because you would be curious. She said that she had taken the advice His Highness had given the Count to heart. Ah! She also said that you may refuse at first, but in the end you would listen."

"... Really? How so?"

"She told me this."

The servant widened his eyes and straightened his shoulders. Then, he raised his chin as much as he could and cleared his throat, imitating the young lady.

Kyle almost burst out laughing at the sight.

"Ahem. 'Because you'll want to hear what I'm talking about and take me down a peg!' She told me to tell you that."

"How dare you!"

Despite his outraged tone, the corners of Nick's mouth twitched.

"I've seen too much anyway. Alright. Let's hear it. I hope this message makes me want to take her down a peg as 'Your Lady' claimed. If not, I'll charge you for the crime of wasting my time."

He gulped.

"Let's get started then."

The servant visibly swallowed and spoke firmly without lowering his head.

[I have a trainer named Bernard.]

"Huh, why are you saying such random things?" Nick asked in puzzlement, having listened with his arms crossed. Kyle covered his mouth.

"Don't interrupt." Go on."

"Yes, Your Highness. Then, I shall continue," Niels answered politely and spoke again, imitating the young lady. It was a good impression.

[Bernard also has another student besides me, an 8-year-old boy named Peter.

Bernard's main weapon is an axe, and he's been teaching me and Peter how to wield it.

Unlike me, Peter is quite talented, and he's already on the way to learning advanced levels. But one day, before training, Peter went to visit the alley children who had been bullying him.

He fearlessly headed straight to the leader of the children who had beaten him.

Not to mention, the alley leader didn't even know those kids were harassing Peter.

Turns out the alley leader was a pretty famous kid in the neighbourhood.

He had taken over all the backstreets and played the role of leader amongst the children in the neighbourhood. He was bigger than his peers, good at fighting and was especially well-spoken, which meant he could win a fight without resorting to violence.

Also, he was well respected among the children.

The children who joined his group were accepted according to their abilities, regardless of their age.

As soon as Peter went to the alley leader, he fearlessly challenged him to a fight.

Of course, Peter knew that no matter what he did, he couldn't beat him.

Naturally, the alley leader snorted and refused to accept the fight, saying that Peter was too young.

Then, seeing Peter move and pull out a wooden axe from his back, he accepted the fight, possibly out of curiosity.

The result was, as expected, a complete defeat for Peter.

The neighbourhood kids laughed at Peter.

It must have been funny to see a guy who was no match fight him just because he had a little training.

But Peter was not one to stop there.

He visited and visited again and again, day after day. Of course, he was still no match for him.

Even so, Peter did not give up. After a while, the alley leader told him to stop coming.

Despite the bruises all over his body, he went, and despite the rain, he went. Do you know what happened in the end?]

Niels waited a moment for the Prince to answer. But Nick, unable to contain his curiosity, was faster.

"What happened? Did he win? Did he become the alley leader?"

[I'm sure you know how the story ends, Your Highness.

If you don't, I'll tell you the next time we meet.]

"What the hell. Who are you mocking! Do you want to die?"

Nick grabbed Niels by the scruff of his neck and growled.

"Huh? Please let me go. I don't know either. She told me to stop there."

"Nick. I told you not to interrupt!"

"Ah... Right. I'm sorry, Your Highness."

"This isn't the end, what about the next story?"

"What? Yes, Your Highness."

[Apart from this story, I'd first like to thank you.

The precious time that I spent with you in the annex, Your Highness, was a great stepping stone for me.

Thanks to you, I lost one thing, and gained three.

You know what I lost, so I'll skip that.

As for what I gained, first, I gained a person. Second, I realized where my limitations lay. And at last, I found someone to look up to.]

"Someone to look up to... That's funny. Keep going."

[Even though I look like this and you've seen me at my worst, please keep an eye on me.

I will always keep in mind what you told me about preparing even if you have to stay up all night. I'll see Your Highness again at the Palace.

If you're interested in my story, please contact me when I enter the Palace. I'll give you a chance then.

If you want to take the opportunity, give me just 206 pieces of gold, no more, no less.

I will see you after the Administrative Interview then.]

Niels sighed loudly after smoothly finishing the speech he memorized.

"Ha! 206 pieces of gold? And she's not begging me for a chance, she's giving me a chance?"

Was this her self-confidence? But 200 gold was 200 gold. What was the meaning of 206 gold?

"Niels, right?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Go and tell her. Ah! As if you’re me!"

After hearing Kyle's message, Niels walked back to his room, repeating it over and over again.

Nick couldn't resist asking as he watched Niels walk away.

"What was with the story of the alley leader, and how did it end?"


"Yes, Your Highness."

"If you're curious, don't want you to figure it out yourself?"

"Eh? Why would I make things so complicated? Besides, Your Highness is here."

"Right. I just happen to be next to you. Very well, I'll tell you. The alley leader is me, and the young lady is Peter, and she won't give up, she'll continue to prove herself."

"Oh, my God... I thought Your Highness was the only complicated person in the world, but that young lady is also eccentric and troublesome. So, what happens in the end? Is she going to become the leader? She's not saying she's going to overthrow you, is she?"

"Tsk, tsk. Did you even listen? Think about the next thing the young lady said. It's connected to the story."

Nick tilted his head in incomprehension.

"God, I have no idea. If the alley leader says so. It only sounds like she's eventually going to defeat the alley leader."

"Ha... Yes. But I'm glad you're good at swordplay. Listen closely. What the young lady was trying to say is that she will prove herself and give me a chance to use her on condition that I give her 206 pieces of gold, which is a strange amount."

"Huh... Seriously. Why is she beating around the bush when she could've gotten straight to the point? My head hurts."

"Nick. This is also her proving herself. It means she can speak in these kinds of metaphors. Isn't that fun?"

"It is fun. It's only that I have a headache."

"Really? If it hurts your head, then that young lady is pretty good."

The Prince, who was smiling, mounted his horse after saying that. Then, the waiting knights all mounted their horses at once and followed him.

Count Lloyd Elias refrained from making his family gather to see him off, so he saw none of them.

Instead, the knights of the Elias family lined up on the porch in front of the entrance to the main building to see the Prince off.


They had almost reached the Palace.

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Tell the undercover team at House Elias to report everything about the young lady from now on."

"Yes, Your Highness. By the way, that young lady, Your Highness, she seems oddly familiar."

"Really? So I wasn't the only one."

"How come? I've never made her acquaintance."

"Well, we'll have to wait and see. Also, submit my name as the third interviewer for the Administrative Exams."


Nick was quite surprised, but he didn't ask. He tried to answer that he would hold back his curiosity because he often got scolded for running his mouth these days, but the capricious Prince explained strangely kindly.

"I should give her a chance to prove herself. Besides, I should help her out if she wants to be taken down a peg, don't you think so?"


The Elias family had gathered in the study.

Chloe, Jason, Aria and I sat on each of the couches, and my father sat with Dylan. Logan had not yet returned from Military school.

It would take a long time...

While we were waiting for Andrei Pitt, I pondered over the Prince's message that Niels had delivered this morning.

Oh, my God. What was the point of playing along!

[He told me to tell you like this... There must be so many children following the alley leader. Why would he believe in a child who swings around not with a golden or silver axe, but a wooden axe? Ha!]


[Yes, he told me to smirk like this. And I had to tell you that.]

[What an asshole! What else did he say?]

[Nevertheless, this proposal is very unique, so it makes me curious. 1 gold turns into 206 gold, and you'll even give me the chance to use that 206 gold. Lady Tara Elias, I'll be happily waiting. Ah. I have a question.]

[Hmm. I thought he knew everything, so why is he asking questions? Alright, what did he say?]

[Was it your intention to faint that day?]

Oh, my God. Did he think this was funny?

As expected, good things are never cheap.

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Mar 07

"But I am glad you are good at swordplay." Whahahahaha!!


Jul 20, 2023

The interwebz ate my two comments so a two-for:

1) I usually prefer the novel, but this is one moment I miss the manhwa because the visuals with Nials are one of my actual fav things. Him mirroring the expressions superimposed over the phantom image of the original speaker is so great:


2) When Kyle gets this message in the manwha version, he actually asks rhetorically in a sort of aside what’s wrong with her looks…? It’s one of a couple of places in that version I recall it happening, but it doesn’t in the novel. I find myself wondering if it’s just an adaptation difference or if it’s something he does later in a cut scene, but I…


Jun 08, 2023

What does this imply when nick said "Yes, Your Highness. By the way, that young lady, Your Highness, she seems oddly familiar." Like does that mean the Prince and nick met her way before or is she simialr to a person or did I misunderstood?

Jul 20, 2023
Replying to

That's a likely explanation. Kyle being sarcastic since Nick is clueless.


Apr 07, 2023

The begging of what we love!!!!!


Apr 07, 2023

Thanks for the chapter 💖💖

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