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Chapter 33

Where Tara makes a deal to foil one of her sibling's plans...

This chapter is dedicated to klaudia ! Thank you for your support and kind words!


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Episode 33. 85.5kg (6)

"Hmph. What’s the point of even discussing it... You clearly don't have a clue."

Aria's eyes widened at the words, but since they came from the Countess, she didn't react in kind.

"... Why did you call us here, Mother? It's not like the council is going to undo what our father decided and, as Logan said, there is no way to deny that Tara is an Elias. If all we are going to do is spend our time talking about it, I'd rather be studying for tomorrow's test."

Chloe stood up, ready to leave, but Jason stopped her with a chuckle.

"I asked for us to get together so you'd know what to expect."

"Expect what?"

"Sit down. Haha. So, I can explain my plan. What do you say?"

Chloe reluctantly sat down at his sneering words. As Jason continued to talk, her frown turned into a grimace.

Once Jason had finished exposing his plans, Chloe rose to her feet without hesitation.

".... I won't stop you, but don't disgrace the family name!"

Logan and Aria also stood up and left the parlor, leaving Jason shrugging with a smile.

‘..... Yeah, whatever.'

Satisfied, Michelle smiled and walked over to the table to remove the empty glasses.

But there was something Michelle herself had overlooked, and that was her amazing memory.

She had the uncanny talent of forgetting what she had just heard from one moment to the next.

And as a result, the only things that Michelle remembered weren’t worth a damn.


Elias Manor laundry room.

Beth stomped on the bedspread with a grunt. When she was in a foul mood, she took it out on the sheets, which was the best way to wash them.

"What? Did Lady Tara scold you?" asked Cindy nonchalantly while folding the laundry next to her.

But Beth's sharp reply startled her.

"Hey! My Lady isn't the kind to scold for no reason."

"Well, you’re her personal maid, so it’s normal to defend her. Still, why don't you tell me the reason for that look on your face?"

"Master Jason’s maid, she keeps messing with me, and she's always pissing people off."

"What? Michelle? Isn't she the one who made fun of your freckles saying you had strawberry seeds on your face? What names is she calling you now?"

"Ugly pig."

"You? Look like a pig? Does she need glasses? You might have a little belly, but you don't look like...."

"Not me, My Lady."

"Aaaah ....."

"Aaah...? What's with that reaction?"

"What.... haha. You must be really fond of Lady Tara to be all fired up like this."

"What pig? No matter how much weight she's gained, to call a Lady of the family a pig. How dare she!"

"I know. Is that everything that’s upsetting you?"


Beth suddenly stopped stomping her feet. Finding it strange, Cindy looked up.

"Why? What's going on?" asked Beth with a darkened expression.

"I heard that.... she’s going to get into trouble during the exams."

"What do you mean? They haven't even started yet."

"They all got together this morning. Mistress Victoria, Master Jason, Lady Chloe, Master Logan and Lady Aria were together. They said that even if she gets through the written test, thanks to the study guide, the Interviews won't be that easy and she'll be humiliated."

"No. How?"

"I don't know. Master Jason was very excited and smug about how he's got everything planned."

"Huh.... Did she have more information?"

"She didn’t. She said she was in the room the whole time and heard it all. But why can't she remember...."

"She's kind of an idiot. Aren’t you going to inform Lady Tara about this?"

“I’m going to, but My Lady was rained on the other day and wasn’t feeling well. She’s just about to take the exam. I’ll feel bad having to tell her about it… Haa… But I should tell her, right?"


Tara's room.

I took one last look at the study guide I'd gotten from Andrei Pitt and went back to bed, but Beth didn't let me rest in peace.

"I'm fine. Truly. I'm fine, Beth. I just have a headache."

"Miss, can't you just not take the test? Why go through all this trouble when you are ill?"

"Haha... Beth. I've already made up my mind to take this exam, even if I'm in pain. As I told you, this is really important to me."


I flopped back down on the bed but slowly sat back up when I saw Beth's face.

This was different from her usual nagging. Her expression was serious.

It felt as if some kind of dark and serious emotion clung to Beth’s words.

"Beth, is there something you haven't told me?"


I squinted and slowly searched her face. The way she avoided my gaze had me convinced. There was definitely something.

"There is. Tell me. What is it...?"


"Yes, Beth. What? This is frustrating!"

"Oh... Really. I don't know! Well... I heard that you were going to be humiliated."


".... So that you’ll definitely fail the exam....."

"Hmm.... So?"

"Well. I'm anxious. Since Master Jason is involved, it could really be the case. He's notorious for bullying people without getting his hands dirty."

"Oh. I see."

"What? It's not like you to be so relaxed. Aren't you anxious about it?"

"Beth, there is no point in worrying about such things ahead of time. I just need to avoid embarrassing myself. I'd rather study for the written exam than fret about such things."

"Ha. Seriously. How old are you? You behave like an old monk."

As I resumed reading my study guide, Beth pouted. Then she filled my glass with hot water and left.

I told her I wasn't worried, but that wasn't exactly true.

I had a pretty good idea why Jason was unhappy with me.

But I hadn't realized that he hated me so much that he would go out of his way to give me grief.

I may be his half-sister, but he didn't see me as a sibling.

But if you think about it, it was understandable. His younger sister, who up until now lived confined in her room as if she were dead to the world, was now getting in his way.

But did I have to put up with it? No way. Did I ask to come here? Did I want to deal with this? I just want to save my life and, while I was at it, change their bleak futures too, so why wouldn’t they just let me do it?

Haaaaa.... Humiliate? What kind of humiliation was he talking about? Could I just leave it alone?

But that thought didn't last long. Only a fool would stay still after being warned.

I threw off the covers and scrambled out of bed, tugging the bedside rope. It wasn't long before Beth came scurrying in.

"What is it, Miss?"

"Was Aria there too?"


"Hmmm.... Really? Beth. Can you go see what Aria is doing right now?"

About 10 minutes later, Beth burst through the door and whispered, "Miss Aria is in her room."

"Good, but why are you whispering?"

"Oh! That's true! I must be feeling guilty, hehe."

I grinned, thinking about how cute Beth was, and asked again.

"So, she's been holed up in her room all this time?"

Beth answered normally.

"No, Miss Aria came out of Lady's Chloe's room just a few minutes ago."

"What did she look like?"

"How would I know that? I just heard it from Molly.... I'm not allowed to go into Miss Aria's room."

"No. I'm not talking about Aria. I mean Molly's face. Did she look upset?"

"Yes, but.... But why are you interested in Molly's expression?"

"I need to know her expression to get an idea of how big an embarrassment they've prepared. So, in detail, how did Molly look?"

Beth looked thoughtful for a moment, as if thinking 'My Lady is always like this'. Then she blurted out.

"Hmmm.... Well, she looked very uncomfortable and kind of stunned. She said that she was supposed to go to Miss Aria's room and make her bed, but she was afraid to do so."

"Is that so?"

"Why, Miss, what is it? What am I supposed to do now?"

"Huh. You think I'm going to ask you to do something?"

"Yes. The look on your face right now is the; 'I'm about to do something' look. Because I always have to do something whenever you have it."

"Oh... Really? Wait a minute."

I grabbed a notepad from the bedside table and quickly scribbled a few sentences, then tore it off the pad and handed it to Beth.

As my personal maid, she couldn't help but notice her master's moods.

It was highly likely that Aria was very angry and irritated right now. As a result, her maid, Molly, felt restless.

If Aria came out of Chloe's room, it probably meant that she didn't get what she wanted from her.

"Here. Give this to Aria now."

"Now? To Aria? Why?"

"Beth, Chloe and I are the only ones in the family that have received Master Andrei's study guide. There is only one reason Aria went to Chloe's room tonight."


"Yes. It's always better to look before you leap. Now I have the information she needs." *

"Great job, Miss!"

Beth jerked a thumbs up.

"She'll probably get annoyed at you if you give this to her."

"Well. That's the fate of a lady's maid!"

I burst out laughing at Beth's meaningful comment.

After looking at the folded paper for a moment, Beth nodded with a very determined expression and left the room.

As soon as she was gone, I slipped out of bed, threw on a simple night dress, and left the room.


That night, the Mansion's backyard.

The air was crisp after the rain, perfect for a walk. There was a gentle spring breeze blowing, and I inhaled the air deeply into my lungs.

"Hmmm. It's about time......"

And then.

".... You're taking it easy, aren't you?"

A familiar angry voice came from behind me. It was Aria.

Of course, it was.

Slowly, I turned my head to face a gaunt Aria. Her mouth was set in a pout, and she looked at me obliquely.

"You came? I thought you might not show. up."

"I didn't want to come out!"

"Well, even if you didn't want to come out, you didn't really have a choice, did you?"

"How does it feel to have it all?"

Irritated, she pulled a crumpled note out of her pocket and threw it on the floor.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. You've had a one-on-one with Prince Kyle, you've got the study guide, the mine from Father, then you send me this cocky note and now you’re acting like you don't know?"

I lifted my gaze from the crumpled note on the floor and glanced at Aria.

She's pissed, isn't she? Should I tease her some more?

I shrugged and explained slowly.

Editor's note -

* The original version is: 돌다리도 두드려 보고 건너라 which means : Even a stone bridge should be tested by banging on it before crossing. which translates to: Look before you leap. / Better safe than sorry. I do love these idioms that are so different from ours and that sometimes really can make you giggle or wonder....

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Jul 05, 2023

At this point of the story, I hate ALLL of her siblings. Conniving pieces of shit. Their eldest died and decided to place the fault, the burden of his death onto their younger sister/elder sister for Aria and their constant ridicule over her birthline and her own mother pisses me off. I think a part of their treatment has to do with LLYOD’s own treatment of Tara, which is abominable. I won’t spoil further for readers who are new to this but at this stage in time, I hate everyone in the family except Tara and Isabelle


Indomitable Jewels
Indomitable Jewels
Jul 04, 2023

Love you guys 🤗❤️


Jul 04, 2023

Aria reminds me at times of a snarling feral cat.

Thanks for another chapter. I keep reading and re-reading the Manta version and appreciating the additional insights that come from the actual novel. This is something I wouldn't be able to do without all you lovely translators.

Jul 04, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! We are doing this because it brings so much more to the table: in depth understanding of the characters and the story as a whole. Basically we are just huge fangirls who wanted more. When we started to discover the novel and all the details and life it brought to the story, well.... that is why you are reading it here now....

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