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Chapter 113-129 Summary - Read Before Our Edits

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This page contains a quick summary of chapter 113 to chapter 129 of the light novel.

The last published chapter of the manwha chapter 82 (from April 2022) adapted the plot until chapter 113 of the novel.

For the moment, we haven't edited the MTL's of chapters 113 to 129 (yet....). Why? Because we started this editing journey with the chapters we had available at the time.

We do intend to catch up with these chapters in the future, but since both the manwha and light novel publication is going to resume May 2022, we decided to plow forward since the manwha will quickly catch up to chapter 130 which is out first edited MTL chapter.

Summary (Chapters 113-129)

At the Elias Mansion, dinner is served with Duchess Helen Stuart in attendance. The ambience is a bit heavy. Tara has overheard that the Duchess is here to assess her as an arranged marriage prospect for her grandson and the second son of the Stuart Family, Viscount Theodore Stuart. Of course, Tara is not one to take this laying down and provokes Duchess Stuart by stating that the Viscount is unworthy of her because she will become the Head of the Elias Family in the future. She states there is no reason for an arranged marriage between them, since it won't bring any benefits to the Elias Family.

The old Duchess, amused and impressed by Tara's antics and gumption, invites her to have after dinner tea, where Tara proposes a "game". This game in 3 parts will allow the winner of each bout to ask for something that has to be granted by the loser.

Tara wins the first bout and asks that the arranged marriage be withdrawn. Duchess Helen Stuart wins the other 2 bouts which results in Tara 1) having an obligation to meet Theodore Stuart 3 times and 3) to spend 8 hours a week for a month in the Duchess's company because Tara reminds the Duchess of Tara's deceased grandmother, Navieen, who was a beloved friend.

In parallel, Kyle is offered the role of planner and security chief for the upcoming Winter Hunting Competition, which places him officially in the running for the Crown Prince Position. This Hunting Competition will take place in the Tandra Mansion and Tandra Forest. The Tandra Mansion, previously belonging to the Toulouse Family, was offered as reparations to the Emperor following the Toulouse family being involved in leaks of military intelligence during the recent war with Skandoa. Kyle accepts the position, because it will help further his various goals.

Meanwhile, Hans and the 3rd Prince Joseph are planning something nefarious during this Hunting Competition. Joseph has been offered the position of the Master of Ceremonies', giving him also a chance at the Crown Prince Position. The Empress manages to get her firstborn Franz, who is in lockdown at the Toulouse Mansion, to participate in the festivities by compromising with the Emperor to officially accept Kyle as a Prince of the Imperial Family.

Finally, Tara, finds herself drafted as Captain Nick Bright's Aide for the duration of the Hunting Competition. After arriving at the Hunting Competition grounds and receiving a hint set up by Kyle using the Emperor's closest aide, Tara goes to see the Second Prince who has the offer of a lifetime for her and her Family.

Continued in Chapter 130....

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Ika Bbika
Ika Bbika
Oct 18, 2022

I'm new here.... But why can't I find Chapter 16 and above?...

Ika Bbika
Ika Bbika
Nov 26, 2022
Replying to

I see... Thank you... I will be waiting 😁

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