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Welcome to Thama's Edits!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Here is where we publish our edited MTL translations of the Korean webnovel "I'll Save This Damn Family" (망할 가문을 살려보겠습니다) by Munirang (무늬랑).

We are a team of volunteer fans who are crazy about this series and want to share our edits with others. We encourage everyone who enjoys our edits to support the author, any future official novel translations, and the official manhwa release.

Support our translation efforts by buying us a ko-fi, donations go towards keeping this website and our translations running!


Is there a release schedule?

Nope. We release whenever we have time. We may establish some sort of schedule in the future though.

Are you Korean translators?

Nope, not at all. We are MTL editors. MTL edits are not a replacement for a proper translation but we try to deliver quality by using multiple translations and Korean dictionaries to get the most accurate result. Since this series was not being actively translated by a KTL we began editing MTLs of this novel for the enjoyment of fellow fans. We would love for a proper translation of this series to happen.

Will you be publishing unedited MTLs?

No, we will not publish unedited MTLs. All our releases are edited and proofread.

How can I support this series?

Check out our support the authors page for more info on where to find the authors and how to support their work! If you appreciate our edits please donate, we'll love you forever.

Why are you translating the series out of order?

We started as a bunch of fans editing MTLs on a spoiler forum for later chapters in the series. We intend to backtrack and edit the whole series soon but initially didn't want to cover the parts already adapted by the manhwa.

Our editing order jumped around at first because we want to tackle the most interesting (and let's be honest, most romantic) chapters first for fans to enjoy. We are currently working on the earlier chapters. Until then we encourage readers to check out the manhwa adaptation (which is quite faithful).

Volume 2 Series Cover

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