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Welcome to our little Community!

Here, as a Member, you will be able to publish fanfic, fanart, theories and speculations about our favorite Light Novel.

Please send your submissions to:

Here are a few guidelines for publishing here:

  1. Indicate clearly in the Title if it is a Fanfic, Fanart, Theory etc...

  2. Indicate if what you are publishing has triggers for our most sensitive public

  3. Indicate if what you are publishing is R15 or R19.

  4. Be respectful and polite in the comments. It's very important to us.

  5. Admins reserve themselves the right to remove a post or a comment if we find it inapproriate.

Other than that, at the moment, we might add more things in the future, share the Love for this Novel with your art!

Looking forward to your creations! The admin team

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