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Happy New Year! (2024 Edition)

Happy New Year everyone!

This year had some ups and downs (including two unexpected month-long hiatuses), but we managed to finish 89 chapters and pass the 200 chapter mark!

As of this year the webnovel I'll Save This Damned Family has finally ended it's Korean serialization on Kakaopage with 346 main story chapters and 44 side story chapters. We're already over half-way there!

We look forward to bringing you Kyle and Tara's journey until the very end and 2024 is definitely going to be and exciting year for that.

There's a twist to Tara and Kyle's story that is probably going to surprise a lot of people and all of us on the team have been bracing for the impact. One of our 2024 resolutions will be to try and close the gap between our early chapters and later chapters before that particular twist happens so we can focus all our efforts on forging ahead.

There have also been developments on the personal side, in 2024 two out of our three editors will be suffering through University now instead of just one. Rina somehow managed to stumble her way into starting a Masters degree (funny how that happens), and Sam is working hard on her first year of medicine.

Despite all of that in the mix we are still committed to completing this series. We've never been consistent, but at least we're persistent. Thank you all for supporting us for this past year despite all of that.

We love this community and all of you who make it happen. Thank you for every comment, ko-fi and like. You keep us going and make this website a community. We love you all!

We wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2024. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

The ThamasEdits Team P.S. The manhwa is back and the official translation on Manta is returning on January 17th/18th (depending on your region). Please consider supporting the author and artist by reading it!

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