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Happy 200th Chapter!

Updated: Oct 6

We've officially published our 200th chapter of this series!!

Thank you all for your support and comments, we are now about half-way through the series and we are excited to deliver the rest to you.

As promised, we are featuring the following in our community tab:

  • A fanfic written by one of our lovely community members

  • A favourite character poll (the top three winners will get a short fanfic/piece of fanart each) - voting closes October 7th at midnight PST

  • Another short poll on Thamalasca's next fanfic masterpiece


  • Daily chapters for the next 5 days +

Contact us at if you would like to share your own fanart or fanfic! Thank you for making the last 200 chapters so much fun and we hope you stick around for the next 100 and beyond ! Thank you!

Rina, Sam & Thamalasca

The Thama's Edits Team

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