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Happy Holidays!

Aiten, Rina, Sam, and Thamalasca wish you all the very best of Holidays!

First of all, Chapter 227 is up!

It's been a while since we've posted a "forward chapter" and this is a little late Xmas prezzie! Hope you enjoy it!

Second, You might have noticed that the pics were all gone for a few days on the site and are now slowly coming back.

We wanted to site to run faster, so we removed all the PNG pics, which are very heavy and converted them to JPEG. That took a while, let me tell you....


We hope the site is a little faster now and that you don't have to struggle to get the posts. (Let us know in the comment section if you notice a difference!)

We are still struggling with a few issues regarding the pics, we hope to sort that out in the next few days.

Also, now that the webtoon is slowly catching up to out edits, we will update the pics regularly.

Third, Phase 2 is almost done! Yay!

One more chapter and we will be moving onto Phase 3! Yay again!

Which means that we will be filling the final gap from Chapter 17 to Chapter 112 and moving forward from Chapter 227.

We are looking forward to sharing more details about the beginning of the story that we only knew in webtoon format and editing the rest of the novel.

Oh..... And there's something brewing in Thamalasca's mind that will soon be posted in the Fanfic section.....

Thank you all for your support and comments!

Take care! We love you all!

Thama's Edits Team

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Dec 28, 2022

Coming across this WEBTOON has got to be the best thing this year! I’m so happy that we will be all be able to move forward to another, by God‘s grace, successful year! Wishing the best for the team!!


Thank you so much, Aiten, Rina, Sam, and Thamalasca for this AMAZING site. It’s really brought me so much joy and I look forward to every update. Happy holidays!

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