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Retaliation (19+)

Fanfic: written by me (Thamalasca). It isn't canon, but let's see you have fun finding the canon elements I sprinkled in there! I wonder how many you are going to discover... The game is on!

Rated: 19+

SMUT WARNING!: Fanfic with explicit sexual content.

Premice: Tara and Kyle's first night from Tara's POV.

A word from me:

Well, here is finally Part 2 of Kyle and Tara's first night together.

If you haven't read it, please read Part 1 before since this one starts immediately after what happened there.

I continued the trend I started in part one. Yes, it is explicit but it isn't raunchy or vulgar. I respect Tara and Kyle and their creator too much to do otherwise. And I continued to respect Sam's challenge not to mention genitalia explicitly.

Please feel free to comment, I'd really appreciate some feedback!

And as for Part 3, well let's say that my lewd mind is already thinking about it.....

This time Tara takes the lead and.... Well, I hope you will like it!



My mind was blank, still reeling from what we both just had experienced. Kyle buried his head in the crook of my neck, his hot uneven breaths making my skin tingle slightly.

I threaded my fingers through the damp hair on his nape, idly stroking him as I tried to get my thoughts back in order and catch my own breath.

‘Really… women would kill to have such soft hair….’

Kyle’s body, which loomed over mine, still trembled occasionally. I intuited that he was still feeling after waves from his Aurore flare.

Slowly, I calmed down and could finally process what had happened. It had been….





…. Perfect.

For once, I thought I was loved by the gods of this world seeing that I was lucky enough to have this man as my lover.

The way he had undressed me had been the most erotic moment of my life. His usual expressionless gaze had been discarded in favor of a burning desire equal to my own and I had felt beautiful.

Becoming the sole focus of this man’s attention was a heady feeling and I had savored every moment of it.

His calloused hands and long fingers had roamed by body, leaving me breathless under their sensual and delicate touch.

When Kyle had discovered my stretch marks, my body had reacted strongly in an uncontrollable bout of shame. His simple answer had made me grow very warm inside. A wave of unexpected tenderness had washed over me, and I couldn’t help stroking his face and smile while he kissed my palm.

And then…

I felt heat rise on my face and start pooling between my legs as I recalled how his fingers and mouth had given me my first orgasm.

‘This man… Is there anything he doesn’t excel at?’

I sighed slightly then smiled again, recalling the moment where he had asked me about contraception. I’m certain, had I said that I didn’t have any protection, that he would have stopped then and there, despite his desire and need. And even if he hadn’t clearly said it out loud, I’m pretty sure he took contraceptives as well, wary and careful as he was.

That was one of the good things Author Kim had created in the Ocerian Chronicles. The pill for men.

Sex with him had been more than I had ever hoped for or even dreamed of.

‘But what was this thing about him calling me a fairy… ?’


Anyway, that finale! Seeing how Kyle had reacted, I’m sure he hadn’t expected that either.

‘If all Aurore users could do that on command, men and women would line up for miles!’

I giggled softly at the thought.

Kyle lifted his head and looked at me.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked in a low but amused voice.

“How would people react if they knew what Aurore users could do in the bedroom.” I answered impishly.

“You wouldn’t dare!” he laughed.

“Certainly not! This is for my personal use only!”

“Really, where did you learn to… ! No, don’t answer. I already know.”

I smiled and pulled his head closer and nibbled his lips.

“Do you, now?”

“Tara…” he growled.

I felt a stirring against my inner thighs.

‘Oh! Good!’ I almost purred.

Because as far as I was concerned, this was far from over.

But being a ‘technical virgin’ had consequences and I wanted, no, needed to freshen up a bit.

“Kyle? “ I called as he was busy trailing his lips from my shoulder to my temple.


‘He isn’t stopping…’

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

His lips immediately froze. He buried his face in the pillow and sighed letting his body fall more heavily against me. I liked it.

He lifted his head and looked at me.

‘What are you feeling guilty about?’

“I’m sorry, Tara. Of course. Do you want me to carry you there?”

Ugh, this was embarrassing….

“No, I’m fine…. No! Really! I promise!” I said quickly, seeing his darkened expression.

He looked at me with a furrowed brow for a few more seconds, then rolled over to the side of the bed.

He grabbed 2 pillows and settled himself against the headboard. I couldn’t help but admire his chiseled face, sculpted torso and long arms. Kyle caught my gaze and his frown turned into a lazy smirk.

‘This man…. really….’

Blushing, I suddenly decided he wouldn’t be the only one smirking. So, I removed the sheet and got up, not bothering to put anything on. He had already seen everything anyway.

Kyle’s breath hitched.

I looked back and gave him a seductive smile in turn. His eyes burned hot.

I decided a quick retreat was in order and rushed to the bathroom, his chuckles following me.


I came out wrapped in a towel, feeling refreshed.

Kyle was up, wearing his briefs and holding a bedsheet in his hands. I hated the fact that I was blushing again, but could do little against it. So, putting my shoulders back, I went up to him and took the sheet from him.

“I left you a couple of towels in the bathroom if you wish.”

“Thank you.”

His voice sounded a bit strangled.

He smiled, kissed me lightly and went to the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, I let out the breath I didn’t even realize I had been holding in. There was something about his reaction….

Setting the thought aside for a moment, I went to my closet, stuffed the bedsheet in a drawer I knew Beth wouldn’t put her nose in, then went to get a clean one.

But making a bed while wearing nothing but a towel was not practical. As I went back to my closet to get a robe, I saw Kyle’s shirt laying on the floor. The look he had given me when I came out of the bathroom seemed familiar… The shirt reminded me where I had seen it before.

At Reese’s Castle, in his room, when I had asked to borrow some of his clothes.

I hadn’t paid too much attention to it at the time, but it seemed to me like he couldn’t compute for a moment. I felt a wicked grin lifting the corner of my lips.

I quickly threw off the towel and put on his shirt.

‘God, why does it smell so good!’

Shaking my head in wonder, I rolled up the sleeves, his scent that always reminded me of wind and wilderness permeating the air around me. I pulled the fabric up to my face and inhaled deeply... Intoxicating.

Then quickly let it go. With my luck, Kyle would come out now and I would be mortified again.

As I remade the bed, my mind devised a plan of attack. Wearing his shirt was the first round that would knock him off his usual game… Hopefully….


Kyle came out just as I was finishing the bed. I heard him stop in his tracks and his breath hitch again. I smiled. My plan was working.

I turned to look at him. He was only wearing a towel around his narrow hips and holding another in his hand, his hair and body still damp from the quick shower he took.

What a view he offered. The moonlight coming from the french windows bathed his body in a silver glow, accentuating the game of light and shadow that played on his muscular yet lithe frame.

And it was all mine.

I slowly walked up to him, staring into his eyes and couldn’t help but smile provocatively as I witnessed his desire.

Yes. This is what I wanted.

In all the mess and mayhem that was my life since I had transmigrated here, this moment in time would be the only moment where I could let go and just be, and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

Kyle stayed strangely still as I took the towel in his hand from him and wrapped it around his neck. Then, I pulled his head down until our lips were a whisper away from each other.

He held his breath.

My heart was beating like crazy in my chest at my own audacity and my growing feeling of anticipation.

I leaned to the right and whispered into his ear.

“It’s my turn.”

Kyle went rigid. He exhaled slowly and deeply and I saw him balling his hands into fists, trying to restrain himself. A surge of excitement zinged through me as I saw the power I had over him.

Smiling, I continued.

“Do you remember, My Prince, that I’m a very quick study?” I asked in a husky voice.

He just nodded in response.

Pulling back I looked straight into his eyes as his head was still level with mine. I could see my own wants and needs reflected in them. He had a slight unconscious smile.

‘That smile could stop traffic… ‘

My own smile became mischievous.

“This is retaliation, Your Highness… Everything you have done to me, I will now do to you.”

Kyle straightened himself and I let him go, still holding the towel in my hand. His eyebrow shot up and he displayed his usual arrogant smirk, his arms crossed, making his pecs stand out.

“Everything?” he asked provocatively.


My soft but assured answer had him bewildered for a second. But Kyle quickly regained his composure.

“Then, what are you waiting for?”

I licked my lips.

He let out a low growl.

Towel in hand, I took one step closer to him. Kyle inhaled deeply. I circled around to his back. He didn’t move an inch. Slowly, almost delicately, I started to wipe off the last drops of water with the towel, my other hand lightly following its tracks on his bare skin. Kyle shivered under my touch and his breathing accelerated.

I had seen the various scars on his chest earlier, and they were his badges of honour, but still, seeing so many on his back as well…. Sadness and compassion filled my heart.

‘How hard has your life been until now?’

I traced a larger wound with my finger. He stiffened while his breathing deepened and roughened.

I didn’t know if it was this scar in particular that made him react this way, or if touching any of them was painful, but I couldn't help myself and gently pressed my lips against it.

Kyle’s breath caught in his throat.

I could feel his heart pounding faster as I continued wiping off droplets with the towel, my lips delicately kissing each scar I came across. Soon I was back in front of him.

Head down, eyes closed, he was opening and closing his fists until they whitened.

Something deep was going on inside him but his expression was difficult to read.

I followed a long jagged white line that marred his beautifully sculpted chest from his right shoulder to his waist.

He shivered.

I pressed my lips against the scar just above his heart. He jerked back and his eyes flew open.

For a split second, I saw pain in his eyes as well as something akin to wonder.

I lightly rested the palm of my hand on the old wound and looked up at him, concerned.

“Do they hurt?”

Kyle gazed at me intently, searching for something. His dark expression lightened a bit as he found whatever he was looking for and he answered in a low and slightly rough voice.

“.... Sometimes.”

I don’t know what came over me at that moment but I found myself softly blowing on the scar above his heart and softly singing, “ Pain, pain, go away…. ”

Something between a sob and a moan escaped Kyle’s lips. He took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. His hands were slightly trembling. I had the profound feeling that this was the closest to grieving he’d ever got since his mother’s death.

I wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I could. He needed a moment and I gladly gave it to him as he held me in a crushing embrace. One day, maybe when all this madness would be over, we could talk about it…

For now, I had to get him back to the present.

I started kissing his jawline. Alternating the use of my lips, tongue and teeth, I slowly made my way to his chin. Kyle slowly lifted his head to allow me better access.

‘Someone is enjoying this… ’

At the same time, my hands started roaming his back, enjoying the feel of his hot skin under my cool palms.

I felt a rumble rise in his throat as I scraped his Adam's apple with my teeth and followed the hollow of his spine with my fingertips.

He shivered under my touch and a soft groan escaped his lips as his fingers dug into my shoulders.

I carefully continued exploring his torso, attentive to even the most minute reactions I drew out of this man who hid passionate nature so well. I discovered, to my delight, that he had a very sensitive zone that started just beneath each shoulder blade and went towards his spine. I mercilessly took advantage of that while I made my way to his nipples that I intended to tease just as much as he had mine.

Kyle’s knees locked and he jerked his head back, letting out a muffled cry as I took his left nipple in between my lips, twirling the tip of my tongue around his areola in tighter circles until it reached the now beaded tip, while my left hand brushed the hyper sensitive area on his back and my right hand copied what my tongue was doing on his other nipple.

He moaned.

I alternated sides, this time using my teeth to nibble and the tip of my nail to softly scrape the pearled tips, while my other hand caressed the hardened planes of his abs. His muscles contracted under my touch and his hands started to move down my arms, his thumbs caressing my breasts.

‘Oh no, you don’t!’

I blew on the nipple I had been teasing with my mouth, just like he had done to me. A quick reminder that it was my turn and I would not let myself be overtaken.

Kyle’s eyes snapped open, as he gasped in surprise and took a step back. Then he looked at me with fiery eyes.

“I told you I was a quick study…”

“Tara…” he growled.

“Hmmm…” I crossed my arms and tapped my lips with my index finger. He looked mesmerized. I smiled seductively. “I remember something else you did…”

I pressed myself against him, slid my hands around his thin waist and then slipped them under the towel to grab his buttocks, which immediately tightened under my unexpected caress. His desire was more than evident now and I arched my back, slightly rubbing against it while unashamedly gazing at him.

I could see that he wanted to do something, anything, but also wanted to hold fast against me. He was slowly reaching his limit and I had never felt more powerful in my life.


“...Yes”, he answered as he muttered, “This is torture….” under his breath.

“Kiss me.”

He lunged at me, invading my mouth with a desperate frenzy, letting loose a small portion of his frustration. Still gripping him, I pivoted my hips and stepped forward, pushing his hips to one side, indicating he should turn around. He immediately complied while we were still locked in a tight embrace. He eagerly let me push him back towards the bed.

When his calves bumped against the end of the mattress, he stopped kissing me and looked at me, mirth and longing in his eyes. His lips, swollen by our kisses, were parted in a lopsided grin, his hair was ruffled and he was breathing heavily. He had never looked so boyish and playful before.

Tenderness invaded my heart once more.

‘Am I really that far gone? This is crazy… !’

I gently pushed the middle of his chest. He fell back, his eyes still on me, as his expression turned defiant. A devilish grin curled his lips.

Slowly, he pulled himself towards the head of the bed. He nestled his back in the pillows, his body in a languid cat pose.

‘….. He is so….Sexy….’

I sighed.

Kyle’s grin widened. My fighting spirit flared. His eyes darkened as I, in turn, climbed on the bed.

I slowly crept up towards him on my hands and knees.

He let out a strangled noise and his breathing accelerated, his skin was flushed making his scars stand out more.

His unique scent of cold wind and deep forest, now mingled with his arousal and my vetiver soap.


My own desire flared. My breasts felt heavy and tight while a dull ache pulsed deep inside me. I started panting as I felt the heat rise within me and pool in my lower abdomen.

I let out a raspy growl.

I could see that Kyle was restraining himself with the same sheer willpower that had guided his life since he was 15. His eyes had turned stormy grey, made of pure lust.

I teetered on the edge of reason, barely stopping from indulging myself regardless of the consequences.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, calming myself before I did something that would definitely make him suspicious. This was going to be a tightrope walk. And here I thought I could simply…let go.

I lowered my head, hiding my bittersweet smile and the fear that had crept in behind the waterfall of my hair.

“... Tara?” Kyle asked, his voice amused but with an edge.

I swallowed and refocused. Yes, this was going to be frustrating in many ways, but still, the prize was within my reach. After all, I hadn’t had a taste of those thighs yet….

I sighed heavily.

“And you said that I was a temptress”, I said in jest, my eyes wandering his body as I crawled closer.

Kyle practically purred, his eyes half-mast.

‘Oh…my God!’

Squinting at him with a devilish grin of my own, I slowly pulled on the towel still wrapped around his narrow hips.


I just couldn’t help myself as I looked at his whole body. Yes, I had seen it earlier, but I was still in such a daze that I hadn’t registered everything. I had thought it before, the first time I had admired him in his bedroom, that his body was like a swimmer’s, but now, I could see he more closely resembled a gymnast… his limbs were more powerful, especially his shoulders and thighs…

‘Did he work out for me?’

I sighed slightly at the thought.

Kyle chuckled.

As for the rest of him…. Well… It was in perfect proportion to his body, even swollen with lust. And it was all mine.

I began at his ankles, my hands caressing, stroking and kneading my way up slowly, my mouth kissing, licking and nibbling in their wake.

“Dear Lord!” Kyle uttered between clenched teeth, his head thrown back.

As I moved up, his legs naturally parted, bringing me closer to my goal. When I finally reached his strong inner thighs, I found delicate skin and sucked, needing to leave a mark similar to those he had left on my body earlier, claiming possession of it.

Kyle let out a strangled cry and his thigh muscles tensed around me, hard and well defined….

I groaned in bliss as I stroked those muscles to my heart's content.

After torturing him with a few more love bites, each closer to his groin than the previous one, his skin felt scorching hot under my lips as he growled and trembled, his hands tightly gripping the sheets until his knuckles whitened.

I straightened and leaned forward, my hands on each side of his head. My hair tumbled around us, a crimson veil isolating us from the world. He pushed back a strand of stray hair behind my ear, mumbling, “that hair” under his breath. Then he grabbed my neck and kissed me deeply, feral with need.

When we stopped, both breathless, I studied him.

“Kyle?” I asked in a false innocent tone.


His eyebrow shot up.

“Can you remind me what you did next?”


“It seems I suffer from a slight memory loss… So I want you to remind me.”

“... This is crazy…”, he sighed.

I leaned closer and whispered, “Tell me….”

He caught my face in his calloused hands and with a serious expression said, “You don’t have to do this…”

I straightened and took one of his hands between mine, kissing his roughened palm and scarred knuckles. I wanted so much to suck on his fingers but knew that was unwise…

He groaned.

Looking down at him, I ordered him this time, my voice deepened by lust and power.

“Tell me, Kyle.”

He answered in a strained voice.

And so, I proceeded to do what he had replied.

“Oh! God!”

Kyle’s hands clutched my head, his fingers threading roughly through my hair as I took him between my lips. Lucky for me it had been a while since I had done this, so I was a bit clumsy, making him hiss and moan in turn.

“...Tara…” his voice was taut.

His whole body was shaking under the strain. I continued nonetheless, my hand stroking his silken skin in tandem with my mouth and tongue.

His hold on my head tightened and he unconsciously pulled me forward, silently begging for more. But, contrary to what he had done to me, I wasn’t going to give him the release he longed for…. Not today at least.

I stopped and, in a supreme effort, Kyle let me go, his breath wild, one arm slung over his eyes, the other on his waist.

“.... This is agony….” Kyle mumbled.

“ But oh, so sweet.” I replied softly.

Kyle jerked and stared at me with a slight frown, his eyes burning with hunger.

Without another word, I moved and caught his waist between my calves. And lifted my hips.

Kyle just stared at me, his expression unreadable again, his body shuddering slightly. His big hands clasped my thighs, his thumbs stroking my skin.

His face softened and my breath hitched.

‘This man…’

“Is that it, Tara…?” he asked with a lazy grin.

In a silent answer to his provocation, I took in his full length in a slow but fluid motion.

“Haaa….” I gasped as Kyle’s breath hitched followed by a long moan.

He filled me so completely I didn’t know where he finished and I began. It was a wondrous feeling and he seemed to share it with me.

I bent over and gave him a deep slow kiss, exploring his mouth, soliciting his tongue to intertwine with mine in a leisurely dance as I started to gently rock my hips.

Kyle dug his long fingers in my thighs in response.

I pushed myself back up and, still undulating, slowly unbuttoned his shirt that I still wore.

He was mesmerized.

When the last button came undone, I did what he had done earlier tonight, letting the shirt hang on my forearms.

He cupped my breasts and teased their erect tips, I arched back inviting him to touch me more.

“You’re a Goddess….” He breathed in awe.

‘Quite the upgrade!’

I grinned with anticipation. Time for my favorite part. Still arching back, I grabbed his thighs. His body immediately responded, his strong muscles contracting as I dug my fingers into the hardened flesh and I started moving in earnest.

‘Yes! Big thighs really are the best!’

The dull ache in my core evolved into a searing need. Kyle must have felt the same urgency, because he helped me slowly drive up the pace. It felt so right and so good as pleasure built up deep inside me with each plunge.

Kyle bent his knees slightly, allowing for a deeper connection that fueled a new kind of bliss within me.

I moaned.

Seeing my reaction, he started to move his hips as well, hitting all the right places with each thrust. I don’t know how, but it was as if we had practiced this a hundred times together, our paces matching perfectly, we gave each other the most pleasure possible.

Our soft pants, lewd moans, hot sighs and passionate cries filled the dimly lit room as we moved in sync. His wild scent mixed with our arousal, surrounding us like a cloud.

My abdomen contracted hard. Kyle groaned as if in pain, and I stopped moving.

I looked down where we were joined and, in an unconscious gesture, my hand came to rest where I could feel him deep inside me. Kyle’s large hand covered mine.

Surprised, I looked up at him.


I had never seen such a soft and tender expression on that man’s face before…. On any man’s face for that matter.

It was so fleeting it felt like a dream… I wondered if I had imagined it.



“Don’t stop!”

He grabbed my hips and started moving again. I immediately followed under the pressure of his palms. Pleasure rose again and this time, we just let it guide us. As our pace increased and our breaths became ragged, I could feel my climax building close to a point of no return.


I let go of his thighs.

Kyle rose and crushed me to him, his face buried between my breasts as he gave the last shattering thrusts that tipped us over the edge as we climaxed together.

I held on to him, digging my nails into his wide back, muffling my cries in his shoulder as waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt his release pulsating deep inside me. A low growl escaped from his lips, his hot breath scorching against my pounding chest.

We stayed like that until we stopped panting, just holding onto each other and the moment.

I took his face between my hands and pushed back his hair, wanting to see what this man looked like after drowning in pleasure.

It was so hot that my body tightened in an instinctive response.

“Damn it… Tara…”

Kyle claimed my lips, sensually caressing my breasts as I threaded my hands through his silky hair.

When we ended our kiss, he sighed deeply and fell back against the pillows, taking me with him.

Sprawled over him, I lifted my head. Kyle’s arm was over his eyes, breathing steadily, his other hand was stroking my lower back.

I pulled myself up a bit and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

He lifted his arm and looked at me.


“Now we are even, Your Highness…. Retaliation completed.”

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Mar 17

Everything I have said about part 1 is still valid! And 'doing the same thing' was a great narrative 👌

All good.. but you caught me off guard with.. the cliché. One must tread very carefully about this one. All variations of it do stick out. 🥲:

"I let out a breath I didn't even know I had been holding"

Other than that, good job! The writing is not exactly the same as the author's naturally but it definitely feels like reading about Tara and Kyle, it stays in character!!


Sep 24, 2023

I love your stories. Your writing is incredible!!!😍😍

Any release date for part 3?

ps: I have to agree with the guest, a part 4 of these two in the workplace would be hot 😈😏

Thank you so much for sharing your story ❤️

ps2: sorry for any grammar mistakes, my first language is not English 😅

Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your kind comment! Glad you liked it!

Well for the office AU Tara and Kyle or for First night part 3, you could vote for it in our Fanfic 200th Chapter Celebration Poll! Here


Why I thought reading this at work was a good idea, I will never know. The look on my face definitely tipped off a few coworkers that I wasn't working on my reports for last month.

Thank you for this!!!

May 02, 2023
Replying to

Most welcome! Glad you liked it! Maybe next time I'll put a NSFW warning! LOL


Apr 27, 2023

This is amazing! How very beautifully written. It’s hot and steamy and the tension is to die for! Absolutely love love love this side series!!! 😜🤭🤓

thank you so so much for the work you do to maintain this website and bring about this fanfic joy to our world!

P.S please consider a “workplace” type setting as well for this series.

This would be so so thrilling too! (i.e boss/second aide in the office…late night work hours…ect) 🥵🥵🥵

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

Oh! A love escapade? With humour? That is quite the challenge... Humour is so difficult, especially since it is often very cultural, like here in ISTDF where some of Tara's humour relates to her Korean background... And let's just say that humour is the most difficult thing to write in general....

Still I am quite intrigued by the idea.... Now I have to let the idea simmer and see what comes out of it! And thank you for your comments!


Apr 27, 2023

😏 Muito ❣️

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